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Don't regret it. Just Film it


Your videos are not just videos, they are treasures and will be enjoyed for many generations to come. I don’t want you to become another statistic where you find all the wonderful  videos from your wedding are suddenly not there because you didn’t hire the right professionals, because that truly breaks my heart. It’s about the journey but personally wouldn’t you agree to start it with a big bang? I'm here for you, to make your wedding special in whatever way you need, because I love what I do! I'm always here to make people happy first, above all.

My weddings film are created with love and a little bit of flair, I can spend anyway from 50-100 hours working on your films, so its not just about the day its the care I take to give you something unique and only yours.

"It's not just about the wedding day, I plan everything!!! every successful wedding is about planning"

Teaser Trailers

Highlight Films

Drone Footage

The Drone is a fantastic way to show dramatic vistas and establish where you are getting married. Drones can be used at your wedding depending on the location, based on map information we should be able to tell if it can be operated.

**PLEASE NOTE The Drone will not be used to film your wedding at the time on the ceremony, nor will it be use within 30m of any people**



How long does it take to get my wedding video?
Take a deep breath here folks. our highlight videos generally take about 1-2 weeks feature film can take 8-10 weeks  to receive,  each video is sacred and deserves its “face time” for editing As a small business, we do all of our own work and simply won’t budge on quality

Are you going to shove cameras in our faces?
Nope, most couples forget we are even shooting. On your wedding day, you’ll feel famous for a few minutes when you first see us working, but then you’ll be so busy getting married that we’ll be pretty much invisible to you most of the day. It’s your photographer’s job to make things happen as far as posing goes,

What sort of equipment do you use? 
We use small Mirror-less cameras, Panasonic GH5, GH4 & G7 both shoot 4k to ensure that you will get the best picture quality on your wedding day. During the reception we set up a third DSLR, to endure we don't miss any moment so with three cameras , you will be all set and secured. We also have a range of camera support systems so we can get those extra special shots such as a 3 axis gimbals, an electronic steady cam and camera sliders,  We bring all of our equipment with us to each wedding and will use them where ever possible totaling over 20k worth of equipment. Its this equipment to captures the wow factor shots as well as our experience and creativity. You won’t miss any of your dad’s precious tears when handing you to your husband-to-be or your laughs when your maid of honor shared some little fun secrets

What is our style? 
Our approach is natural, meaning that we don’t pose you and expect you to become like models. We will consult with you and discuss what styles that you are interested in. If you like jump shots, we will jump with you – and if you like romantic and sweet images, we will go to places where we can make your dream images come true. We are flexible like that  if you have any ideas, and we will work with you!

How does the relationship between the photographer and videographer work?
Over the years I have photographed many wedding working with a videographer/ photographer is a common so it's never been a problem. If I have a set way I get certain shots I always speak to the photographer before hand to make sure it wont get in the way of his shot and vice-versa. The reason we are there is to capture your wedding the best we can and that will only happen if the photographer and videographer work together with this aim in mind.

When do we meet?
I like to meet once the deposit is paid, even if the wedding plans are not set. This is normally just a meet a great so we can get to know one another. . Usually we have  our have our pre-wedding meeting 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding, the closer the better really as its nice to keep the rapport we build up from the meeting and take that into the wedding so you feel more at ease. We always try to arrange a face to face meeting where ever possible . The main aim is to get to know each other and to obtain all the info needed so we are fully prepared for the big day.

When is the final balance due?
3 Weeks prior to the wedding date.

How long do you keep a copy of our wedding footage?
Once the video is signed off and you have received your final copies we will keep the raw footage for 2 months after which time it will be deleted.