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What is like to have Phil be there on your wedding day?

A wedding day testimonial from Jake and Jason


Every dealing / contact we had with Phil from initial engagement to discuss and book the wedding, to our in-person meetings before the wedding was everything we could ask for. Phil is extremely professional and has a sense of ease about him that makes you comfortable and subsides stress levels.

Everything was incredibly under control on the day, having Phil as our videographer. From the moment he turned up to the rooms we were getting ready in, to the end of the night, he was incredibly easy to work with, directed the parties and guests extremely well, the creative ideas and direction he gave during the day was fantastic. We had members of the wedding party and guests praise us on how great Phil was with knowing exactly what to do with us and how he managed to make it such a fun experience and eliminate any sense of stress or rushing.


Phil absolutely fit in, every connection he had with guests, us and our party was so organic. There were so many laughs with him and a down to earth presence about him.

If it were to be numbered 1-10 we would have to say 11 out of 10. Phil was great, everything was so fluid, comfortable, fun and he also was able to shape and direct very intimate and special moments for we and guests on the day which really mattered as well. We truly enjoyed having him be a part of our day and know he’s going to create something amazing for us to look back on over the many years to come.


There were no flaws noticeable for Phil! He was such a pro from beginning to end, incredibly personable and a fun addition to our big day. We’d highly recommend Phil for any special event that requires his expertise!