Live Streaming

Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life. Why not make it even more memorable by live streaming it

This is also a great option, even if you are not live-streaming. The event is edited as it happens so that you will receive a copy just days after the wedding. PERFECT if you don’t want to wait to watch your day back.

Brisbane wedding live streaming
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Brisbane Wedding Live Streaming

Live Streaming your wedding is the perfect way to share your wedding day with people who can’t be there because it allows them an opportunity at seeing what’s going on. By broadcasting critical events from your and guests’ perspectives, you’ll have a chance for everyone to attend this special event! Live Streaming also creates a connection between all involved parties – no matter how far apart they may seem beforehand

Expert knowlodge

We will meet with you and discuss your day so you can relax and enjoy it

Private stream

The stream is completely private so only you and guest can view it

Use any device

the stream can be viewed through an app on a phone, ipad or computer


Download the stream with 48 hours of the event

Whether you’re looking for a one camera stream or an entire multiple-camera production, we have the perfect package to fit your needs.

Wedding Live stream

Which Platform to stream your wedding?

Posting your wedding to Facebook or Youtube can cause music copyright issues. These platforms can quickly stop your stream if their algorithms pick up popular music tracks. And, of course, these are not private. For this reason, I use a platform called EVENT live, which is dedicated to wedding live streaming. Each wedding gets a private link that has unlimited viewers—only viewers who have the link can view the stream.

Internet connection and speed

When you are doing a live stream, nothing is more frustrating than when it glitches. You’ll want to ensure that everything goes without any problems so your viewers can fully enjoy what they see on their screens with clear sound and steady internet service.

If your wedding is in the metropolitan area, then they won’t be an issue with speeds, but if your wedding is out of town where wifi is limited, then these locations will need to be discussed so we can confirm if a live stream can be achieved.

“”These clips are just small examples taken from the stream, because of the Youtube music copyright algorithms from both cermonies and reception””


3 camera stream


2 camera stream


3 camera stream


3 camera stream

How many cameras do I need?

I would suggest the minimum for any wedding is two cameras, which allows us to move one camera while the other is streaming. Your viewers will then have an uninterrupted stream without seeing any cameras be moved or repositioned. 3 cameras just gives you that better coverage and more options on the stream

Live Wedding Streaming Pricing

**these prices are for Brisbane metro only any location outside this area will incur a travel fee**

Ceremony only

One Camera

One operator onsite for 1 1/2 hours (Includes set up time) 40 min live stream + Copy of live stream


Two Cameras

One operator, onsite for 2 1/2 hours (Includes set up time) 1 hour live stream + Copy of live stream


Three Cameras

One operator, onsite for 2 1/2 hours 1 hour live stream (Includes set up time) + Copy of live stream


Full day live stream packages

** These options are perfect if you are not having a videogapher cover the event, you will still be able to enjoy the entire day **

Two Cameras

One operator – 2 cameras – onsite for 8 hours + Copy of live stream $1350

1 hour ceremony live stream – 3 hour live stream reception

Three Cameras

One operator – 3 cameras – onsite for 8 hours + Copy of live stream $1450

1 hour ceremony live stream – 3 hour live stream reception

You will recevie your copy of the live stream within 48 hours of the event. This will be posted to our cloud service where it can be downloaded unlimted times

The Set Up

To stream the event, our software comprises OBS, a streaming platform, and ATEM mini pro, a four-camera Multicam switcher.

All of our cameras are Panasonic full-frame cameras. Our standard set-up for any event is two (2) wireless cameras that can be placed anywhere. The other camera(s) are positioned around the operator so that they can be moved around during the event, so we are not just restricted to one area.

Where cameras are positioned does depend on the location of the wedding, something that will be discussed when we meet before the event.

Brisbane wedding live streaming