Wedding Live Streaming

Wedding Live Streaming

Brisbane Wedding Live Streaming

Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life. Why not make it even more memorable by live streaming it?

Live Streaming your wedding is the perfect way to share your wedding day with people who can’t be there because it allows them an opportunity at seeing what’s going on. By broadcasting critical events from your and guests’ perspectives, you’ll have a chance for everyone to attend this special event! Live Streaming also creates a connection between all involved parties – no matter how far apart they may seem beforehand.

Whether you’re looking for a one camera stream or an entire multiple-camera production, we have the perfect package to fit your needs. Our prices vary slightly depending on the level of service and equipment quality best suits yours!

Wedding Live stream

Which Platform to stream to your wedding?

With Zoom, Facebook and YouTube being the most common platforms for live streams, you can stream your wedding to many people without needing any software. We’ll even provide a copy of the event within 24 hours so that all those who couldn’t make it won’t miss out! Some of these platforms do have restrictions with how many people can watch and the resolution of the image. Our preferred method is Vimeo as it the only platform to off 1080p resolution and unlimited watchers.

Can you do it yourself?

“Can you do it yourself? Of course! We’re not trying to say that professional gear is necessary–just easier on the budget. A DIY setup will require some of your own devices as well: dual-band wireless transmitters and microphones, a camera or two if broadcasting lives content from another location (or even just in person), etc.”

Internet connection and speed

When you are doing a live stream, nothing is more frustrating than when it glitches. You’ll want to ensure that everything goes without any problems so your viewers can fully enjoy what they see on their screens with clear sound and steady internet service – we’ve seen this happen too many times! The basics for providing these things include:

While planning a wedding, it’s essential to have the best internet connectivity possible. It is because you’ll need strong Wi-Fi signals or 4G (or LTE) service at all locations on your property where people will be gathering throughout their day


Live Wedding Streaming Pricing

One Camera

One operator – One Camera – onsite for 1 hour + Copy of live stream $500

Three Cameras

One operator – 2 cameras – onsite for 2 hours + Copy of live stream $950

Three Cameras

One operator – Three Cameras – Ceremony & Reception $1250 + Copy of live stream

HD copy

4k UHD copy of stream $120