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Phil and Diane
Wedding videography
wedding videography

Hi I'm Phil


I’m a wedding videographer from Australia. I feel privileged to have been able to capture the love of so many couples and families over the years! My work takes me all over this beautiful country, which is a blessing as it means I get to see its natural beauty first hand through my lens. Some of my favourite spots for weddings are tropical rainforests, vast deserts and the coastlines – there really is no bad location for a wedding in Australia!

I’ve been filming weddings for over 8 years. I have a knack for telling the story of love, family and friendship in my wedding films. And that’s what I want to show people through my work. Filming a wedding is more than just turning up with a camera – it’s about capturing all of those special moments that happen on the day so you can relive them again and again.


When I left school back in the mid-80s, which seems a long time ago, all that was on my mind were cooking classes. So after years of training to become one myself at Southampton Technical College (a choice which would lead me into an amazing career)and travelling around England while working as well helped pay for it – 18 wonderful years later here we are!

I never stopped taking pictures during this period too because what’s life without capturing memories? The places changed but some things never do…

  • When I was 7 my dad gave me 5-pound to go to the shops and buy some food. On the way, I saw a tyre. My shorts had no pockets, so I decided to put the 5-pound note in the tyre, and roll the tyre all the way to the shops(because that what you did when you were a kid). I lost the 5-pound note, but I gained a few hard slaps from my father!
  • I am DOG CRAZY! where would life be without dogs? Great company when I’m editing
  • I live a low carb healthy lifestyle, love walking, gym anything to keep fit
  • My sense of humour is wicked, something my wife doesn’t appreciate
  • LOVE travelling! (when we can again!)My family are all back home in England but whenever we get a chance, we go back and say hello!
  • I’m an 80s fanboy Knight Rider, Airwolf Automan, Manimal, Star Trek, Star Wars
  • I love living in Australia. It’s the only place to be