MontvilleKristin & Patrick – A foggy Montville led to this moody romanic wedding film

Spicers Clovelly Estate offers French-inspired luxury with its wonderfully charming and relaxed atmosphere on a gentle rise in the tranquil Sunshine Coast Hinterland hills. The setting for your wedding day could not better embody joie de vivre than this estate! I love how it feels so accessible when you visit Montville- an escape from everyday life but only moments away thanks to scenic views like sparkling water against lush landscapes or romantic candlelit dinners shared by two lovers—just what we all strive for every once upon.

On this day, Spicers Cloverly Estate Montville was wet, very wet.

Some brides may have thought this would be a disaster, but Kristin had faith in all of us that if experts checked BOM every 5 minutes, it would stop for the ceremony. Twenty minutes before it was supposed to start, the rain cleared, and a flurry of staff managed to slot in the ceremony on the lawn.


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