Brisbane Wedding Videography

I'm an expert videographer with over eight years of experience capturing every moment, detail and emotion for your perfect day forever preserved on film! When you’re looking at having a professional captured during such intimate moments like exchanging vows or reception dance
Brisbane wedding Videographer
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Brisbane Wedding Videography

Brisbane wedding videography by Red Door Studios. The best wedding films are made by the most experienced professionals. I’m an expert videographer with over eight years of experience capturing every moment, detail and emotion for your perfect day forever preserved on film! When you’re looking at having a professional captured during such intimate moments like exchanging vows or reception dance proceedings it’s imperative that they know exactly what kind shots need taken so as not to miss any part memorable happenings throughout this magical time in one couples life togetherness.

Wedding videography

Videography is all about catching the motion in essence already. The Queensland wedding videographer, being able to capture weddings through premier venues, gives me an opportunity for creativity and innovation not seen before with large over-the-shoulder cameras that only belong on movie sets nowadays! With Small mirrorless camera systems, we can make any event unique, just like each couple deserves it to be captured by professionals who know how important their work really is.

Victoria Park

With its spectacular city view and lush green hills, Victoria Park is the perfect place to have your wedding. It’s only ten minutes from Brisbane CBD so you can easily reach by public transport or car! Once there are will love seeing all of these happy couples in their stunning ceremonies against this unique backdrop I’ve filmed some excellent wedding here but if you want to find out more and see some more amazing wedding then check out our Victoria park wedding page



The Warehouse Brisbane

In the few times I’ve been here, this is what has impressed me most about The Warehouse – its opulent features. These include original archway windows and stylish vintage décor that provide an unforgettable setting for your wedding day! A stunning backdrop awaits you on top of our building: An open air rooftop terrace with machinery lounge beneath it; just what every bride needs to inspire her throughout those last few moments before walking down aisle…

MIRRA events and weddings

The wedding venue of your dreams is hidden in an alleyway, down a narrow street lined with warehouses and stores that seem to be more than just businesses. It’s only when you get closer do we realize how beautiful they were built-our hearts sink when realizing this could have been one big illusion…but there it stands before us: The greatest place for vows!


Should you Hire a Brisbane wedding videographer?

We get that not everyone will see the value in getting a wedding video of their day. However, there are plenty who do. I can tell you this: It’s just for yourself to watch later on down the line with your kids when they ask “what was happening at your wedding. No matter how great photos turn out. A wedding video will tell the storey of the day. We are capturing your vows or those emotional speeches in a cinematic way. That is something photography can never do.

The Big advantage :- Audio

One of the most extensive advantages videos has over photography is capturing movement and audio. It means you will be able to re-watch your wedding day from the start, which might make some moments come back into perspective for a second time around! You were most likely feeling anxiety or emotion during these essential sections in life, so seeing them again could remind us how lucky we all are at times like this one with our loved ones by our side.


Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens

Intriguing, isn’t it? The Rainforest Gardens is a beautiful and historic venue for weddings. With many ceremonies available to suit your needs as well as the perfect photo opportunity outside on their award winning gardens – Bundaleer can accommodate any dream wedding you have! Your guests will feel like they’re in rural Queensland without having too far away from Brisbane city life when attending this special day

Rainforest Gardens, Mount Cotton

If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustles of city life, check out Rainforest Gardens. With 40 minutes from Brisbane or 45-minute drive on Gold Coast (depending where your destination), it’s not too far away but still feels like an escape with all its natural beauty! You’ll be awe struck by what they have done here at this rare gem situated 27 acres large – covering almost 5 square kilometres in size!. The gardens were lovingly curated over decades so there is something new every day



Sirromet Winery

Weddings at Sirromet will make your wedding day unforgettable. Choose from an exclusive list of locations and we’ll provide you with anything that is needed for the perfect celebration – including incredible videography! Its a breathtaking location, limitless video opportunities. As you are surrounded by rolling slopes that offer unparalleled views of vines while enjoying picturesque scenery.

Review Package Inclusions and Add-Ons.

Here at Red Door Studios, Selecting a wedding videography package has never been easier with our all-inclusive packages. Our wedding videography packages will have typical inclusions, including a highlight reel, ceremonies, reception coverage, full-length video, and raw footage. Add-ons may include additional hours of coverage, drone footage, or a second videographer. You only need to decide how many hours you want me at the wedding.

Choose Your Style and Preferred Videographer.

When selecting a wedding videography package in Brisbane, choosing a style that suits your taste and preferences is crucial. Do you want a cinematic, documentary-style video or something more traditional? Once you’ve decided on a style, you can choose a videographer specialising in that style. Look at their portfolio and previous work to ensure they can deliver the video you want for your wedding day.

                    $01234567890012345678900123456789001234567890PACKAGE D

our most popular package9-11 hours

One Filmmaker ( Phil )
3-4 30 Sec teaser trailers
6–8 minute highlight video
Full Ceremony Coverage
Full Reception Coverage
Aerial Drone (depending on
location on the wedding

Drone Footage or Same-Day Edits.

When selecting a wedding videography package in Brisbane, it’s essential to consider any additional services that may enhance your wedding video. – All packages include drone footage.
– There are no extra hidden costs.
Another option is a same-day edit, where your videographer will create a short highlight reel of your wedding day that can be shown at your reception. These additional services can add a unique and memorable touch to your wedding video.

Book Your Package and Enjoy Your Special Day!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Now that you’ve found the perfect wedding videography package in Brisbane, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your special day. I will tirelessly capture every moment, from the first kiss to the last dance. With my experience, expertise, and creativity, book your package today and get ready to relive your wedding day repeatedly!