The Warehouse

The Warehouse Brisbane

The warehouse is a unique event destination with stories to tell. Steeped in the majesty and romance of Brisbane’s yesteryear, this venue transports you to an era when seamstresses crafted fine silk garments among gentlemen riding carriages on city streets below them! Constructed just 1905 as part-of The Queen Street Mall development project by renowned architect Thomas similarity A see more here , it has recently undergone extensive refurbishment that restored its original grandeur for present day use – making every gathering or celebration feel like something special indeed was happening there

When guests enter The Warehouse, they will be impressed by its opulent features. These include the original archway windows and stylish vintage décor that provide an unforgettable setting for your wedding day! A stunning backdrop awaits you on top of this building: A open air rooftop terrace with machinery lounge beneath it; just what every bride needs to inspire her throughout those last few moments before walking down aisle…

Tahryn & Benoit

I tried to get a drone shot of the rooftop bar at Louise and Keagan’s, but they were already in motion. So sadly, this shot wasn’t possible because it would have been too time-consuming for us with their timeline! However, Tahryn did a video shoot before the ceremony, which gave us enough time on the rooftop to get this shot.


The Grand Hall at The Warehouse

When you’re looking for a venue that offers the best of both worlds, look no further than The Hall. This grand new wedding space lies hidden at its heart and features an upper mezzanine with breathtaking views overlooking all below it–including this heritage listed building’s second level!

Wedding Videography at the The Warehouse Brisbane

The Warehouse Brisbane is one of those venues where you don’t have to leave once you get there. There are plenty of places to get some incredible footage for your wedding film, even for the photoshoot. That industrial-chic is very modern with its beautiful exposed brickwork and quirky décor; it will suit any wedding. The rooftop bar gives you a great view of the city. And also, it can be a creative way to get a fantastic drone shot as seen in the video above. A creative videographer will have a great time and lots of opportunities to get some epic footage

 Louse and Keagan an emotional wedding

When I met Louise and Keaghan before the wedding date, I was aware it would be an emotional day. They told me their parents would cry, But everybody cried during the ceremony. It was challenging to focus on one person as everyone had a tear in their eye, including Louise and Keaghan! You can see it meant a lot to all their families. It was just a day full of love, people having a great time forgetting about COVID, sharing lots of fun and lots of happy memories. They could not ask for the perfect day. Fortunately, I am going back to the Warehouse fortitude Valley in June of this year for another wedding.


Tahryn & Ben

After connecting with Tahryn & Benoit in early 2021, but had to postpone their wedding due to the global pandemic. Undeterred by these circumstances, they decided that despite it all – there would still be a special day for them! Which arrived as planned, a small ceremony at the Green House at Howard Smith Wharves. So everything could become official. Soon after came an even bigger celebration: Early 2022 saw their official wedding day take place in style at The Warehouse in Fortitude Valley

So, these films Its been a real journey. You can see their shoot at the tropical wedding ceremony at Greenhouse. So it’s been a real journey for all of us to get here to the wedding.

So this wedding film is a tale of two halves. The first half is the shoot at Howard Smith Wharves, and the second half is the wedding. There is an excellent transition between—the two shoots.


More wedding venues

Fortitude Valley has a plethora of wedding venues that will cater for any wedding. A venue that is similar to the Warehouse but on a small scale is MIRRA events and wedding on Bridge Street. You get to enjoy an imitate wedding ceremony surround with city buildings as a back drop. There is also Loyal hope on Morgan Street. I never knew This was a wedding venue until a few weeks ago. A small converted church, great for an weddings or small events. Also a new venue at the Gabba Called the Lussh has a similar vibe. exposed brickwork, urban setting and a ceremony locations with the cliffs as the backdrop.

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