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February 22, 20230

Why choose Red Door Studios as your wedding videographer. I have been filming weddings for almost ten years now and have filmed over 400 weddings. But I don’t consider this to be a job. It is recording memories that will last a lifetime, which is an incredible privilege.

When planning a wedding, you want to ensure that everything about the day goes off without a hitch. With all the money and time spent preparing the event, all you will have left at the end of your special day are photos and videos to remember. Although expenses and budgeting are considerations, these will be your lasting memories of the beautiful celebration. 


Red Door Studios is here for you

Planning your wedding day can be a stressful experience; however, I can make it easier. I aim to ensure that you have a fun and relaxed day that is as stress-free as possible. we won’t force ideas on you, but will help facilitate your dream wedding!

Every dealing / contact we had with Phil from initial engagement to discuss and booking the wedding, to our in-person meetings before the wedding was everything we could ask for. Phil is extremely professional and has a sense of ease about him that makes you comfortable and subsides stress levels.

Left by Jas & Jason. You can all of there wedding films from SOL Gardens

Phil was very informative, not only his part but on other areas that we really had no idea of. We felt very comfortable after meeting Phil that we had picked the right guy to do the job.

Bella & Luke you can see all of their film from theri wedding at MIRRA events and weddings

I want you to walk about and recommend me to your friends. My service is as important as the films themselves; I want to ensure you feel comfortable and have a great time! Your experience with me on the day should be as enjoyable as possible. I want to ensure that everything runs smoothly and everyone involved is having fun is vital

No stiff or awkward moments on your wedding day

Capturing your wedding day on film is a unique way to capture the memories of such an extraordinary event. We specialize in creating wedding films focusing primarily on candid moments – not just posed shots – capturing your special day naturally and authentically.

Everything definitey felt under control on the day. We had not a single concern about how Phil would go, we trusted him 100% to do what he does best.

Anglina & Jordan yoiu can see al of there film from theri wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead

Phil is just a very easy going, good guy. He fit right in with the photographers, guests and us as the bride and groom. He even made us laugh with his fantastic sense of humour and jokes

Left by Maja & Boris. You can all of there Serbian wedding films

I use only top-of-the-line equipment and will ensure that Red Door Studios captures every memorable moment on video. Even with technical issues, I have backup gear in an emergency. With me, you can have peace of mind knowing That Red Door Studios will take care of it.

Your wedding is more than just a highlight film?

If you want to check out an entire wedding with all of its films you can check out Kim and Petes wedding which was filmed at the Lussh MY CLOUD

After a whole day of shooting our services go beyond just producing a highlight film. Which will only show snippets of the day. We also include in all our packages the full ceremonies, and reception. These are complete films and are recorded on (5) cameras so you will enjoy every single moment from your day.

These films are kept private, so only you, your friends and family can access Them. There are some things I believe that shouldn’t be shared online. And these files are for you to enjoy, at your leisure.

Love your professionalism but more than that, we want you to know how amazing a human being you are. Your passion for what you do shines through your work. You put a smile on this bride’s face the moment you walked into the room and you would know how much that meant to me given that my family couldn’t be present.

Netit & Ben you can see of there films from their wedding at Maleny Manor

Red Door Studios is the perfect choice for your wedding videography needs. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to offering unique, reliable, and personalised services that will make sure your special day is captured and memorialised forever. When it comes to capturing the spirit and emotion of your once-in-a-lifetime event, Red Door Studios stands out among the crowd. Not only do we provide beautiful footage so you can relive that magical moment whenever you want, but we also go above and beyond to ensure that you feel wholly satisfied with our wedding films

In our opinion, Phil was one of the shining lights on our day and we loved having him be one of our team.

Bella & Luke you can see all of their film from theri wedding at MIRRA events and weddings

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