Maleny Manor

Maleny Manor Sunshine Coast Hinterland

The Manor is the premier venue for weddings, events and celebrations. Established in 1989 as a luxury bed & breakfast on 30 acres of picturesque Australia with scenic views to Mount Coolum through its grand windows that were once part English garden rooms before their conversion into luxurious bedrooms; today it’s known across town (and even internationally) just how beautiful this beautifully restored property can be.

Wedding videography at Maleny Manor

As a wedding videographer, I love visiting the Manor for its beauty and style. Any sort of wedding video can be created here. It just depends on how imaginative your videographer can be. from the moment you arrive, and you really don’t have to leave. There is One tree Hill just up the road but that is optional You can enjoy the grounds and only be a stone’s throw from your guest. It is an amazing place to fly a drone to get those epic wide open visits of the Hinterland. For videography, you can not fault The Manor in any way. I really enjoy my time and always look forward to going back.

Getting Ready

The Bridal Party have exclusive use of the entire top floor on your wedding day, which should be enough to ensure privacy. This loft has natural lighting that will make hair and makeup sessions easy, Enjoy drinks as well as a delicious lunch provided by Maleny Manor – all while getting ready in this cosy loft before you are prepared to walk down the aisle.

Ceremony Locations

Maleny Manor’s three spectacular ceremony locations within the grounds provide an incredible backdrop for your special day. You can choose to have it under our Crows Ash Tree, where you’ll be surrounded by its deep shade and rich bark while enjoying breathtaking coastal views; or on one of much smooth sandstone paving stones that form paths throughout this historic venue. Or host your reception on our elevated grass Helipad while enjoying incredible coastal views from each location!


Whether you are looking for an indoor seated style reception or outdoor cocktail style, Maleny Manor has the perfect setting, whatever you choose. Enjoy some time outside among nature on our beautiful grounds, surrounded by lush greenery and landscaping that will bring out every detail in any event type.

A Black & White Wedding film

The wedding videography brief was only for the film to be slow and romantic. When I found out there were using one of my favourite poems in their vows, I knew this would be a perfect opportunity to use this in a video. The poem by EE Cummings (I carry your heart) is something I have been eager to use for some time, and it’s one of my favourite poems. I didn’t just want to create another wedding video. I wanted to shoot something unique and different.



Veronica & Ben

Phil was one of the first vendors we booked for our wedding and we’re so glad we did. Not only did we love the final product (he captured all the special moments of our wedding day). But he was also a great person to have around and worked easily with our photographer. Not only that he thought to have gum boots in the car for me because it had been raining a lot in the lead up to our wedding! So if you’re after someone talented, reliable and easy going – book Red Door Studios.



Maleny Manor in 2023

For over half a decade, I’ve enjoyed visiting Maleny Manor – its charm keeps calling me back! Many wedding venues can be too restrictive for filming, but with Maleny Manor, there are many options to express one’s creativity. The possibilities seem endless, and that always makes me smile.

With One Tree Hill no longer an option for video shoots, Staying on-site and being more creative with the shooting locations will become increasingly popular as people search for unique settings around the grounds.

Does Maleny Manor still look good?

Since the first wedding I filmed here until today, it has been exquisite – lovingly and painstakingly maintained to its utmost quality. Even after many weddings or events that have taken place over time, it still looks pristine with no signs of tiredness whatsoever! It’s undoubtedly one of the best venues among stunning Hinterland views on The Sunshine Coast.



Neiti & Ben

Phil, Ben and I can’t thank you enough for the amazing work you did capturing our special day. The whole process was so easy even though it was all done without actually meeting you in person. Love your professionalism but more than that, we want you to know how amazing a human being you are. Your passion for what you do shines through your work. You put a smile on this bride’s face the moment you walked into the room and you would know how much that meant to me given that my family couldn’t be present. Thank you so very much again

My first wedding filmed at Maleny Manor in 2023

Weddings are joyous occasions filled with love and traditions. Recently, I captured another beautiful wedding at Maleny Manor. However, it was bittersweet as this was also the last shoot they would ever have at the iconic location of One Tree Hill, which is now closed to the public. Despite this, the memories captured in the photographs and videos from past weddings there will linger on in our memories

Regan and Francis’ wedding day had joyful moments, from the getting ready ceremony to the photo shoot. As a filmmaker, these are some of the best times to capture on film. In addition to beautiful footage, we recorded fantastic audio from Melissa, the celebrant. This audio helped us create a film that genuinely captures Regan and Francis’ relationship and their fun together.