Types of Wedding videos

Types of Wedding videos

The types of wedding videos we create

Documentary, cinematic highlights, trailers, short films, fly on the wall, journalistic it all sounds very confusing?

There is so much going on during a wedding. It is easy to miss something. From getting ready ceremonies your vows, dancing you want to preserve those memories. Selecting the right type of wedding video is a must.

Wedding videos are not one size fits all. There are different types of wedding videos giving you different types of coverage.

We have the long-form documentary approach. It is more like a fly on the wall video interacting as little as possible she got those natural and candies shots.
Then we have the more cinematic highlight film; these can be extremely artistic, showing the videographer’s talent. They may come with lots of graphical and photo elements. Where the videographer will interact with the couple, especially during the photoshoot. The short films are great for sharing online with your friends and family after a big day.


Documentary Wedding Video


The Wedding Highlight Film


The Wedding Teaser Trailer


The Wedding Cermony

The Right style?

Of course selecting the right wedding package is vital. Making sure you pick the right film and style for your wedding . A lot of our wedding packages have a mix of some of these styles so you can get the best out of your day

Find out more about our Documentary films, wedding highlight films wedding trailers or or full ceremony coverage

The Location of the wedding

The location of your wedding may also be a factor of what sort of style you are looking for in a wedding film have a look at our Queensland wedding venues page where we have different weddings in different areas each have their own unique style