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Documentary wedding videographer

Documentary wedding videographer, you might hear that term thrown around, and I guess it can be a little bit misleading. You may compare this to a TV documentary. Its means

something completely different in the wedding world. For me, the director’s cut or feature film of your wedding is a videographer who doesn’t interfere with the day and captures things as they happen—continuously filming, capturing people when they least expected. Even though the TV Documentary and the wedding Documentary share similar attributes, they both are vastly different in what they are there to achieve. Not Capturing hours of footage, but looking at those single moments moving images straight from the heart.

Documentary wedding videographer

Lets All get together

The wedding may be the only time in your lives when everybody gets together in one place has a great time. I believe it is worth recording those memories and keeping them etched forever on film. it may be those little things, but we capture not just the bride and groom but the guests as well. It’s not just about being for actually with that short highlight film; probably your wedding is a significant event, but you will relive bone emotions and memories or the day when you watch back the documentary edit. The director’s cut he’s an authentic memory hopes you die, and it’s one of the best films that we can create for you. We want to try and capture those little details, those things that you are going to forget in years to come, and we started and will pop up and jog a memory.

Documentary Wedding Videography – A feeling, not just a record

When we create a director’s cut film, we try to capture as many memories as possible and edit the film with music style and pace to accompany your day. The film truly must capture the individuality of your wedding. My approach is not a cookie-cutter; every wedding is different; we want to immerse you in your wedding day for years to come. We want to make sure that we blend in on your wedding day and become part of your guests it’s not just about slow-mo or epic drone shots it’s about capturing a story a pursuit of authenticity. If a groom cries or somebody shares a moments that are more important than anything

“”We are trying to capture a Story of love, family and friendship””

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