Mirra Events & Weddings

Mirra Events and Weddings

If you’re invited to Mirra Events and weddings, you may drive down through the heart of Brisbane, Fortitude Valley, turn into a narrow street of warehouses and hip stores that ends in a train line – and wonder what you’re doing there! You’d never know there’s a gorgeous wedding venue tucked away in this little street. Like all the best places in the Valley, you have to know it’s there.

Step back in time

Walking through the handcrafted golden double doors of this converted warehouse is like entering a whole other world. You leave the city behind you and step into a hall with high ceilings, a mirrored bar and eight gorgeous chandeliers.

To the side of the hall is a long, carpeted room with vintage furniture and Chesterfield lounges that you just want to sink into, as well as a gold-mirrored dance floor.

Then you step outside into a long, narrow courtyard. Here the vibe suddenly changes from 1920s speakeasy to urban industrial chic with corrugated iron fencing and rustic furniture. But somehow it works!

Overall, it’s a diverse space that can be styled to suit any vision. But it’s not a large venue – it’s perfect for an intimate wedding with friends and family. At the wedding I recently attended at Mirra Events and weddings, the ceremony was held out in the courtyard. It’s a very urban space but also pretty once it’s decorated with flowers, lights and lace.

Wedding Videography at Mirra Events and Weddings

Wedding videographers have to be creative at Mirra. It is a small venue. There are not many places on site. The ceremony location is significant, but it is very long and thin, so I was limited to 3 video cameras for the ceremony. There are many opportunities around MIRRA for the video shoot. Still, if you’re adventurous enough, you can stay in the area and get some incredible urban shots around the venue. A backdrop of city streets, renovated warehouses and train lines will be perfect for that particular couple that calls the urban jungle their home.

For our video shoot we travelled across the river to Fish Lane for our video shoot, a vibrant South Brisbane laneway full of bars, restaurants, and street art.

MIRRA Events and weddings
outside MIRRA
Party time at MIRRA

Wedding highlights Video


Bella & Luke

What was your experience with Phil in the lead up to the wedding day?

Phil was very informative, not only his part but on other areas that we really had no idea of. We felt very comfortable after meeting Phil that we had picked the right guy to do the job.

Do you feel everything was under control on the day?

The experience with Phil was seamless. For the most part we didn’t even know he was doing his thing. When he wanted us to do anything, he gave us very clear and concise instructions.

Does Phil fit in with your wedding party and guests?

Absolutely, Phil made everyone around him comfortable and was very personable with everyone.

How was the overall experience on the day with Phil?

It was great. He was a calming influence for both of us on the day, he knew when to lighten the mood, or pull everyone into line. We are very confident through our experience with him, that he will make produce a great film for us..

Is there anything Phil could do to improve?

In our opinion, no. Phil was one of the shining lights on our day and we loved having him be one of our team.




For this wedding, the bride and groom held a cocktail reception in the long, carpeted room – they didn’t use the large reception hall at all. I found the service excellent and the food was fantastic. However, the hall would be ideal for a banquet dinner, as you can fill it with long tables and create a sense of drama and old-world charm. Then people can leave the hall to mingle in the side room only a few metres away, and dance the night away on the dancefloor


Your guests will have no problem getting there via public transport, and there are paid parking stations in the area as well as street parking. If any guests are from out of town, they’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of accommodation – the city is filled with hotels and Airbnb options