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March 17, 20230

A Guide to Weddings at Howard Smith Wharves

Make your wedding perfect by hosting it at Howard Smith Wharves in Brisbane! With its stunning Brisbane city views, unique versatility and modern venue is sure to make your special day unforgettable.

Are you seeking a unique and beautiful setting to host your dream wedding? Look no further than the spectacular Howard Smith Wharves! Located on the rustic Brisbane River, these stunning wharves provide an unparalleled backdrop for an unforgettable day. Whether you’re looking for a laughter-filled wedding surrounded by family and friends or an intimate ceremony, let the romantic atmosphere of Howard Smith Wharves provide you with the most magical setting for your special day.

Brisbane couples are flocking to Howard Smith Wharves for their special day! We enjoyed capturing two weddings here – one at Bougainvillea House, where guests celebrated in beautiful floral surroundings and another intimate gathering inside Green House that was perfect for a unique wedding photoshoot.


Love at Howard Smith Wharves

Lita & Chad

We booked Red Door Studios for our wedding videography in September 2020. Phil was such a pleasure to work with leading up to the day and was so easy to talk with. He was so prompt with communication and he never made me feel bad for asking questions – also we had so many changes due to COVID restrictions and he just went with the flow every time I sent through another change. He just made everything so easy! On the day, Phil was amazing to work with as was his secondary videographer Bruno. They both had such a chilled out vibe which made it so much easier to be recorded (this was something my husband and I were a little nervous about). After the first few minutes we ended up just doing our thing and mostly forgot about the cameras. Phil put up our wedding teaser and we are already so impressed with his work. We cannot wait to see the final result which we know will be amazing. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Red Door Studios to anyone looking for videography for their event.


These, of course, are not all the areas at Howard Smith Wharves where you can have weddings, but I think these three are probably—the best in terms of locations and facilities.

Bougainvillea House 

Bougainvillea House is the perfect destination for intimate dinners and cocktail celebrations! Picture a stunning wrap-around veranda with breathtaking Story Bridge and city skyline views. You can enjoy total privacy perched atop a small hill at the East end of the precinct. At night it’s a pure ‘wow’ factor that will keep lasting memories alive long after your special event has ended!

The Rivershed

Rich in original character and detail, this heritage wharf building is a unique event space overlooking the city and Story Bridge.

The Rivershed is one of Brisbane’s most unique and desired event venues, ideal for cocktail celebrations and gala dinners.

Exposed timber beams and original heritage features were retained, and it features a riverfront deck with one of the best outlooks in Brisbane. With the flexibility of operable walls, you can utilise the entire venue or one side for smaller events, each housing an interior bar.

The Green House

Green House is a breathtaking oasis in the heart of lush gardens and towering cliffs. Let yourself be whisked away to this paradise, perfect for outdoor dining, drinks with friends, or just taking time out from city life! Enjoy all the cozy comforts surrounded by comfortable greenery bathed in natural light – because nothing beats that extraordinary feeling at your inner-city escape!

Howard Smith Wharf for wedding videography

Every time I’ve been to Howard Smith Wharves for a wedding reception and a photo/video shoot, it’s been a fantastic experience. For any couple wanted to get some incredible photos, it’s a great place to go. However, where the sunsets. It’s an excellent time to go later in the afternoon. Is the sun a bit harsh coming over the river?

And, of course, you’re not alone, so you have to be aware that people are going to be staring at you while you’re walking around in photos and videos. That is just part of the deal in such a public place. But that adds to some images where you can get people rushing by when you guys are having a romantic moment together.

But of course, the best time to go is at sunset and nighttime, when you can get some amazing photos with the city as a backdrop and the story bridge. Just fantastic and looks amazing.

Bougainvillea house is the pick of the locations because you are just on a little hill out of the way to enjoy the wedding and the views. Just sitting there, watching that transition from day to night, seeing the buildings change—a great experience.

High Church

If you have your heart set on going to Howard Smith wharves For the photo/video shoot. You could have your ceremony. At High Church in the valley, Which is at the top of the cliffs and a perfect location if you want to stay in that area.

Every wedding I’ve attended that have utilised Howard smith what in some way or another have had there wedding ceremony at High Church, it is only a short walk so it very convenient.

For those planning a wedding near Howard Smith Wharf, The Warehouse is the second closest wedding venue in Fortitude Valley – but travelling from there in time may take some work. Your best bet? Have your ceremony early so you can arrive with ease!


Are you getting married at Howard Smith Wharves?

The Storey Bridge

From underneath to the top of Brisbane’s iconic Story Bridge, there are endless opportunities for creative and engaging photoshoots! With a classic vintage charm and plenty of background scenery – you’ll always have inspiration.

Couples, don’t forget to carve out some extra time for your shots – there are a lot of moving parts (like people on bikes!) that can make the process tricky, but it’ll all be worth it when you nab THAT perfect shot


Options for your video/photo shoot

How you use Howard smith wharves entirely down to the team you have on the day, there are many opportunities that it’s some creativity and attending to details.
The biggest thing here is to use the surroundings. You could have ten different videographers, and they would all come up with different ideas. The cliffs are the obvious places, but there are many books and crannies along that side around the Greenhouse area.

The boardwalk is great, but it needs to be late afternoon to maximise the views. Anything before 4 pm, and the sun is just too harsh. Even the best media team will need help with the light as it will not be flattering to anyone.

If you are going early, the best location is around crystal brook and Mr Percival’s, right under the bridge. There are some great angles and leading lines.
The best time to go is around sunset. You will have that mix of daylight with the nighttime building coming alive as a backdrop.

Crystalbrook hotel at Howard Smith Wharves

Are you looking for a hotel to accommodate your wedding at Howard Smith Wharf? Look no further than Crystalbrook. As the closest hotel to the wharf, this place is perfect for anyone who enjoys fantasy art and wants to get ready in the Heath Ledger Room. I’ve filmed here often, so you’ll have a fantastic experience.


Bella and Luke

Luke and his groomsmen kicked off their special day with a blast of fun at Crystalbrook, capturing photos and videos in the grand foyer. Afterwards, they pursued more merriment beneath the iconic Story Bridge.. you can see more of Luke and Bellas wedding at MIRRA Events and wedding in Fortitude Valley


Kim & Pete

Kim got ready with her bridesmans in the Heath Leger room at Crystalbrook. You can see more from Kim and Petes wedding at Lussh which is a fantasitc wedding venue at the Gabba

In conclusion

With Howard Smith Wharves offers many options and opportunities to create a memorable wedding day, you can do something unique to capture your love story that will last forever—allowing a professional wedding photographer and videographer to provide the perfect way to ensure that your day is beautiful and everything runs according to plan. Having the right people involved who know how to take advantage of this space will ensure you get the best results possible. Whether capturing each moment in photos or creating an eye-catching video, professional help makes all the difference. If you’re looking for an experienced wedding photographer/videographer in Brisbane, check out our services at Red Door Studios

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