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March 15, 20230

Preston Peak weddings

Preston Peak is the premier wedding destination for couples wanting to tie the knot in breathtaking natural beauty. Located in the lush mountain ranges of Darling Downs and just a stone’s throw from Toowoomba, this stunning venue offers 330 acres of scenic views stretching out over Lockyer Valley.

Preston Peak is a destination for couples looking for a complete wedding experience. The venue boasts an indoor bridal suite along The Avenue that brides can use to prepare and take breaks from the wedding festivities. The ceremony pavilion creates a stunning backdrop with outdoor spaces nearby, providing the perfect atmosphere for your special day.

Couples looking for the ideal wedding venue can go wrong with Preston Peak Winery. Located atop the beautiful Great Dividing Range, this winery boasts stunning views of Tabletop Mountain and beyond. Its elevated location provides more than just incredible photo opportunities – it’s an excellent spot for outdoor ceremonies and provides wet weather alternatives in case of sudden rainfall. Best of all, couples can enjoy the convenience of having their ceremony and reception in one spot


Wedding videography

I have had the pleasure of visiting Preston Peak to document weddings numerous times, and each time has been a wonderful experience. Preston Peak is an ideal location for a wedding because couples can have their ceremony, take photos, film the wedding, and celebrate with their reception all in one place – making it much easier for them by reducing stress on their big day.

The Avenue is a beautiful spot often featured in photographs and videos taken at night. Couples can take the ultimate romantic memento by having their first dance under its grand indoor tree. A gorgeous venue, The Avenue is an iconic backdrop no matter the occasion.


My tip for Preston Peak

There has never really been a party at all the weddings I have filmed at Preston Peak. And I mean guests dancing it up and having a great time. Your first dance will be under the beautiful, stunning indoor tree. But what happens at most weddings is that everyone joins in once the first dance is over, but at Preston Peak, the music stops and then continues in the downstairs reception room. So you are stopping the party and then moving to start the party again, and in my experience, that always kills the party vibe. 

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