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March 14, 20230

Brisbane Wedding videography pricing guide 2023

Brisbane wedding videography pricing Guide to finding your wedding company. Wedding videography is an integral part of any wedding. Capturing the day’s events on video allows couples to relive their special day for years. Wedding videographers in Brisbane charge different prices for their services, so it is essential to compare before booking one. The top ten companies I found on Google under the search term “brisbane wedding videographers” all had other pricing structures, so I decided to make my comparison. 

When you are looking at a videography company, you should ask them more questions to find out if they are the best fit for you in your day.
  • Who is shooting the wedding? Who will be there on the day?
  • Are there any extra costs for the travel involved?
  • Suppose time runs over the day. Will you charge me extra?
  • How long will it take to get my wedding films?
  • How many cameras will you be using during the day?
  • What cameras and equipment do you use?
  • My wedding is a one-off event. How do you go about saving and storing files?
  • Do you candidly film my wedding? Or do you like to be visible and give us a direction?
  • I want to hear my vows during the ceremony. How do you capture the sound
  • Will you arrange a pre-wedding consultation?
  • Do you offer revisions for my wedding video?
  • What items do you include in your wedding videography packages?

Wedding Videography pricing options

Selecting a wedding videographer can be overwhelming, as couples have many choices. Yet it’s one of the most critical decisions – after all, you’ll use the end product for years and want something that perfectly captures those special moments. Price points vary widely depending on the equipment used and skill level exhibited by pros behind-the-scenes; to understand these services, I’ve compared pricing to accurately gauge how wedding companies are seen from both subjective and objective perspectives – not necessarily just based on cost alone.

For your hard-earned money, it pays to compare different companies and their services before you commit. We’ve researched 10 of them for you as a guide to help with that decision – but keep in mind there are plenty more out there! Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which company is right for you.

What’s included in any wedding videography packages

My biggest takeaway from all my research? Some are ambiguous. To the average person, much of it is jargon that must be clarified. I’ve been doing this for ten years, and even I was confused about what was in the packages. So definitely do your research before you book with anyone. To ensure clarity and excellence in service, I provide my clients with a direct link to my cloud containing all films in my package on offer – so everything is clear.

Wedding videography pricing Guide

Who are you booking, and who is filming your wedding?

When looking for a videography company to capture your special day, it’s essential to understand who will be doing the filming. In my research, some companies still need to state who would attend your wedding day!

It’s essential to get acquainted with the person filming the day and build a connection. With this, it can be easier for them to capture genuine moments. With strong relationships between everyone involved 

here at Red Door Studios. You book me; you get me to film your wedding without substitutes.

Cost of hiring a wedding videographer

I know this to be personally authentic because I have a couple that has a wedding later in 2023, and they booked a company. They do not know who their photographer is until a week before the wedding. And they are already stressed about the situation. Because they have paid a 30% deposit, there is nothing that I can do.


The myriad terms and components in the package and pricing guides make it challenging to understand. I will provide my interpretation for clarification purposes. 

  1. What is a wedding teaser trailer? On the other hand, a teaser trailer is a short promotional video that provides a sneak peek at the wedding, designed to generate interest and excitement among the audience. To encourage them to watch the full-length version when it is released. A teaser trailer may reveal some of the best bits of the day, but it typically only gives little information about the story.
  2. What is a wedding highlight reel/Cinematic film? These are the same terms. A wedding highlight reel is a short video montage that captures the most memorable moments and highlights of a wedding day. It’s a condensed version of the footage that captures the most emotional, beautiful, and important moments of the day.
  3. What is a wedding short film? A wedding short film portrays a couple’s wedding day, condensed into a short video ranging from 10 to 20 minutes. Consider this an extended highlight reel.
  4. What is a feature film/ Long form—documentary edit? A wedding documentary film is a type of documentary film that captures the events of the entire day—typically shown in chronological order of the day. They aim to capture the essence of the wedding day, including the getting ready, the ceremony, the reception, and the stories and personalities of the couple, their families, and their guests.
  5. What is an edited ceremony/reception? A multi-cam edit is a video editing technique involving footage from multiple cameras used to capture the same event or scene. A multi-cam edit aims to create a final video that seamlessly switches between different camera angles to give the viewer a more dynamic and engaging viewing experience. Typically, a multi-cam edit involves synchronizing the footage from the various cameras, selecting the best shots from each angle, and then cutting between them in a natural way that enhances the storytelling or narrative of the wedding video.

Let’s Talk RAW footage.

From what I could gather from the websites that I’ve looked at. I was confused as to the definition of RAW footage.

Raw video footage is the unedited, unprocessed, uncompressed video footage captured by a camera or other recording device. It contains all the information the camera’s sensor recorded without any adjustments or corrections.

Raw footage typically includes all of the video and audio data captured during the recording, including bloopers, outtakes, or other mistakes during the shoot. You will need professional editing software to edit these files, such as Davinci Resolve, Premier Pro or Final Cut.

What’s included in the Pricing guides and wedding videography packages?

The films included in the pricing guides vary from company to company. Some include more; some include less. Everybody includes a highlight reel, which varies from 5 to 10 minutes. Depending on the package.

You have to be careful with some packages as some companies want to include add-ON to the price in the pricing guide. So be careful and check the total price to ensure you won’t pay extra. For some reason, you didn’t see any original price.

How many cameras are included to cover your day?

The number of cameras is pivotal in ensuring your ceremony and reception are fully captured. A lack thereof can leave you with a limited coverage product at the end, which may not meet expectations- For a successful video production, be sure to check that multiple cameras are available. Having one camera and a backup is insufficient – the more angles of footage you have, the better your vision will turn out!

Travel fees and cost

When planning and deciding on your vendors, research any additional travel charges outside of included packages. That information was difficult to find. I can only say what I do here at Red Door Studios. Any venue within two-hour b Brisbane is part of their standard package. For anything further, we charge a travel fee for booking, so there are no surprises.

Photo and video pricing guides

Weddings can be pricey, and it’s natural to want good value for your money. But is paying more always the best way forward? It’s an age-old query – do you get what you pay for? While we might instinctively think so, there’s no guarantee that expensive equals quality – something worth bearing in mind amidst all those wedding expenses.

All the Photo and video combo packages I’ve looked at are comparable to Red Door Studios. In most other companies’ packages, you can add a second shooter to photography or videography, including ours. But the one big difference was the more extended edit. I need help understanding The length of the film. Some also charge extra been included charge extra for this setting on top of the base package.

One of the companies offers a 45-minute more extended edit, which I need to help you understand if you consider it. A ceremony, on average about 30 minutes. Speeches, on average, about 30 minutes. So that alone is over 45 minutes, so I don’t understand what you would receive.

The longer edits all come down to How many cameras videographers use? And how much footage they have to create a longer edit.

What does this all mean?

My takeaways from the research that I have done. Is it just because somebody is in the top two or three Search places In Google? It doesn’t determine that they are the best company for you and your money. There is a massive difference between the cost and what you receive in a package. It is a case of doing your research And doing ample research.

Are you going to be selecting a weekend warrior? Because it’s cheaper. Versus a professional because it is full-time and spends all their time. Providing excellent customer service. And great films.

Is expensive better? I think that’s a question that everyone must ask themselves. If you search Google, there are lots of videographers that have mucked up a wedding. So there’s no way to guarantee you will get the best service possible.

My advice to anybody looking for a company to photograph and film your wedding Is to contact them before booking. Speak to them about what’s in the package. Speak to them about who is shooting the wedding. Get these things out of the way and determine who will be there on your special day.

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