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March 22, 20230

My first wedding at Seaworld

Seaworld is a destination wedding for any couple, a unique experience for bringing magic to your special day. Seaworld resort is the perfect place so anyone can enjoy getting ready before the ceremony. Of course, if you dream of feeding the dolphins on your wedding day, this is the only place to do that.

Wedding videography at SeaWorld Gold Coast

Wedding videography at SeaWorld Gold Coast ideally ensures that this special day is recorded with elegance and finesse. With the stunning scenery of the ocean, couples can have an unforgettable memory of their special day to reflect upon in their later years. The wonderful thing about this location option is the different packages available, meaning that there’s something to suit everyone, no matter your budget and vision. With staff on-site for questions, capturing your big day at SeaWorld Gold Coast ensures any occasion will be stress-free and enjoyable – everything you want from wedding videography.

Sarah and Paul’s wedding

Sarah and Paul’s wedding was the final COVID-delayed one I had to film. After having it on my calendar for so long, I couldn’t wait to get some unique shots at SeaWorld until we realized how scorching hot the day would be in mid-March! Despite the sweltering temps, both bride and groom powered through with the courage of lions – talk about a celebration worthy of remembering!


Sarah and Paul

feeding the dolphins at Seaworld

Seaworld resort

Sarah’s wedding day started with a sizzle as the humidity rose at SeaWorld resort. The Pauls family from Ireland had flown in, leaving them unprepared for one of Queensland’s hottest days! The ceremony was held on an aptly-placed pontoon boat at Southport Yauayt club – though it wasn’t quite a paradise due to all the sweat dripping down amidst soaring temperatures.

Once the ceremony was over, everyone took some shards in the yacht club while we did a very short photoshoot amount the super Southport yacht club. From there, we took a combi van with bridal party photos.

Feeding the dolphins

Nothing compares to the moment Sarah and Paul’s dream of feeding dolphins on their wedding day came true! Seaworld staff members were incredibly helpful in ensuring they got what they wanted – even arranging a water fight with Christine, AKA “Dolphin Lady”. The couple was soaked from head-to-toe by the time it was all said and accomplished – but we’d call that one heckuva fun highlight for an otherwise hot summer day.

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