Developing Your StyleThemed Weddings: Finding the Balance Between Creativity and Tastefulness

March 24, 20230

Themed Weddings good or bad idea?

I have filmed several themed weddings over the years, and there are many pros and cons. I am looking at this from how your wedding film will look and feel. Wedding films are meant to be timeless, and you will be watching them back for the rest of your lives. So, there are lots of things to consider. This post will discuss ideas, potential drawbacks, and benefits of a themed wedding.This post provides practical tips for executing a themed wedding that is both memorable and tasteful.

Definition of a themed wedding

A themed wedding revolves around a specific theme or concept. This can be anything from a favorite movie, pop culture, book, a particular era or cultural tradition.

Unique wedding Ideas

You could use a wide variety of ideas and themes in your wedding. But the list is only as long as your imagination.

  • Harry Potter
  • Star Trek
  • Star Wars
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Game of Thrones
  • Pride and prejudice
  • twilight
  • Marvel
  • Disney

lets take a look at some cons to a themed wedding

  1. Potentially expensive: Depending on the theme chosen, a themed wedding can be more expensive than a traditional wedding. This is because the couple may need to invest in specialized decor, costumes, or other elements that fit with the theme. For example, a fairytale-themed wedding might require elaborate floral arrangements, a horse-drawn carriage, or a castle venue, all of which can add to the cost.

2.            Risk of being too kitschy: Themed weddings run the risk of being too kitschy or cheesy if not executed properly. This can take away from the elegance and significance of the event, and may make some guests feel uncomfortable or out of place. It’s important for couples to strike a balance between incorporating their theme into the wedding in a meaningful way and avoiding over-the-top or tacky elements.think about how gerenation to come will view the wedding

3.            Limited flexibility: Having a theme can limit the flexibility of the couple and their guests in terms of what they wear or how they participate in the event. For example, if the couple has chosen a 1920s speakeasy theme, guests may feel pressure to dress in period-appropriate attire, and may not feel comfortable attending if they don’t have suitable clothing. Similarly, if the theme involves specific activities or games, some guests may feel left out if they don’t enjoy those particular activities.

4.            Not for everyone: When planning a wedding, couples should carefully consider how their chosen theme may be received by guests. Even if they are passionate about the concept themselves, it’s important to make sure that most of those attending will feel comfortable and included in such an intimate event – especially if the theme is niche or unfamiliar!

Unique wedding themes:- Star Trek


A Star trek inspaired wedding film

Jess and Jack’s themed wedding was a subtle take on Star Trek. On the day they incorporated little details. The Bridal party all wore colours that matched the star Trek uniforms. Jess walked down the aisle to the theme from “Enterprise”. They had all of the ships from star Trek as their table decorating.

Everything was subtle yet tasteful, and the wedding film also had to reflect that. There are nods to the theme throughout the film.

lets take a look at the pros to a themed wedding

1.            Unique and memorable: Themed weddings can create a unique and memorable experience for both the couple and their guests. By choosing a theme that reflects their interests or personalities, couples can infuse their wedding with a sense of fun and creativity that guests are sure to remember for years to come.

2.            Fun and Playfull: Turn your wedding day into a celebration of you and your future spouse with an imaginative themed event. Customize the occasion to reflect cherished shared movie, book, or hobby favorites for unforgettable memories that will last long after tying the knot!

3.            Coordinated design: Couples can create a unique atmosphere that will be remembered through photos by carefully curating decorations and colour schemes. A themed wedding is an excellent way to emphasize the beauty of your special day in all aspects of design, from invites to photographs – creating a stunningly cohesive look

4.            Simplify decision-making: Having a theme can simplify decision-making for the couple, as they can use the theme to guide choices about decor, music, food, and other elements of the wedding. This can help couples who feel overwhelmed by the many choices and details involved in planning a wedding to stay focused and make decisions more easily.

Unique wedding themes:- The Legends of Zelda


This wedding is a tour de force around the video game the Legends of Zelda. Natalie came as the princess wearing her mum’s old wedding dress repurposed. Liam came as Link, who always kept in character all day. The entire ceremony revolved around the lore of the legends of Zelda. It was well-executed. Nothing looks cheesy or dated.

The only difficulty with their wedding film was finding music from the game to match the film. That was no easy feat, as it took nearly four months to get approval from the artist to use the song in the film. Using any other type of music would not have worked.

Here are some tips for executing a successful themed wedding

1. Show off your unique personalities on the big day and choose a wedding theme that truly speaks to who you both are as individuals. Make sure it’s one that reflects shared interests, so every aspect of your special event will be filled with sentimental significance.

2. Embrace your wedding theme in a way that is both sophisticated and tasteful. Opt for subtle touches to reflect the essence of your special day: avoid grand gestures or over-ornate or garish thats going to look cheap.

3. Communicate the theme clearly to your guests: Make sure your guests know what to expect in terms of the theme of your wedding. Through save-the-dates, invitations, or a wedding website.

4. Consider the comfort of your guests: When selecting a theme, consider how it might impact the comfort and experience of your guests. For example, if you’re planning a beach-themed wedding, provide shade, sunscreen, and other amenities to keep your guests comfortable.

5. Hire vendors who understand and can execute your vision: When selecting vendors for your wedding, ensure they understand your theme and can execute your vision tastefully and professionally.

In Conculsion

Ultimately, having a themed wedding is up to you and your partner. If you choose one, ascertain that the theme ties into your relationship and personality. It should reflect who you are. What’s most important is that whatever wedding style you opt for showcases how much your love for each other shines through in everything you do. Finally, remember to find an experienced theme-based wedding media team who can capture all those moments when your big day arrives! 

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