Rainforest Gardens

Rainforest Gardens at Mount Cotton

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life for an escape that’s perfect just about any time! Rainforest Gardens offers something new every single day. With 40 minutes from Brisbane or a 45-minute drive on Gold Coast, it’s not too far away but still feels like a world apart with all its natural beauty. Rainforest Gardens is a rare gem situated on 27 acres of land with spectacular views to die for. The gardens have been lovingly curated over decades and cover almost 5 square acres in size!

Amphitheatre & Pavilion

The lush green lawns and palm trees will make you forget that life is outside. You’ll be surrounded by a paradise, with an Amphitheatre to host up to 130 guests for your wedding ceremony! They offer professional built-in sound systems. It is a perfect set-up for your videographer to capture excellent audio for your wedding video. We all know how vital this detail is. Great audio in a wedding film will make all the difference.

The Pavilion is an open-air venue that has been purpose-built for weddings and functions. Complete with fans to keep you cool on those warm summer nights or heaters, so it’s not too cold in winter

Onsite Accommodation

The chalets are luxurious, one-bedroom accommodations that offer a queen bed and a large bathroom with expansive views of our rainforest. The balcony is perfect for taking in some fresh air while sitting back enjoying the view of Moreton Bay. The chalets are included in their wedding packages so you can spend the evening enjoying some privacy.

Wedding Videography at Rainforest Gardens

Creating an excellent wedding film at Rainforest Gardens should be easier for any superb videographer. All the locations are just a short walk. It’s just up to your creative team to select the best. The Amphitheatre is a perfect setting to edit a fantastic wedding ceremony. Taking a trip to the top of the mountain gives you great views, and you also get to enjoy the stunning sunsets on offer. Now that they have added the onsite accommodation is make wedding videography that much easier as you don’t have to leave the venue.

Wedding Video highlights


Jeannine & Tyson

I chose Red Door Studios for Phil’s style and quality of filming. After watching basically all of his work published on YouTube I was set on having Phil film our special day, his professionalism radiates through his work. When we met with Phil, he communicated with us taking our desires for our big day into consideration and after meeting with him we were instantly put at ease with his laid back nature and we knew we could trust him for our big day. On the day,

Phil arrived on time with everything ready to go and he was amazing, nobody knew he was there – his filming techniques were so subtle and were not intrusive in any way. Phil is easy to “work” with – he made us laugh and captured every moment of our big day. When we received our preview film it was so beautiful and just kept us at ease waiting to see the full thing! Once we received our full film we were blown away with Phil’s attention to detail – he captured the finer details of the day from wedding prep to the beauty of the ceremony. The attention to detail in the composition and presentation of the film was phenomenal and we would highly recommend

Jeannine & Tyson Wedding Video

Jeannine and Tyson, Childhood sweet hearts tying the knot in the beautiful Rainforest Gardens at Mount cotton .When I first met v Jeannine & Tyson, the brief was to do a soft romantic film as they said the focus would be their vows. They only had the ceremony and the photoshoot hat the rainforest gardens Mount cotton. The day started with Tyson at his parents’ house, and Janine was getting ready to house. Luckily for me, these two young people felt very relaxed for the camera.

So it was an effortless bride and groom prep. Then we headed to rainforest gardens waiting for Jeannine arrival in her beautiful blue combi van. After the ceremony, we headed up the hill with the buggy to catch another fantastic sunset, and I managed to slip in the most epic drone shot into the setting sun.

Hayley & Walter at Rainforest Gardens

Haley and Walter for a referral from another wedding I filmed back in 2021 at the Valley Estate on the Gold Coast. You can watch their wedding here.

I’m not a Taylor Swift fan; I’m likely too old. Haley’s undeniable enthusiasm for Taylor Swift made her special day all the more unique, as she found clever ways to incorporate quotes from the artist into her vows – much to Walter’s amusement!

It was an incredible day filled with joy and celebration. The lush rainforest gardens indeed added a unique beauty to the scenery. The Amphitheatre provided the perfect backdrop for our ceremony; its tranquil little pond created an atmosphere of serenity and calmness.

Hayley’s house was abuzz with excitement that morning as the young ladies prepared for a particular day. While Walter started reserved, his heartfelt vows and love letters showed how deeply he felt about Hayley – even participating in their photo session! The reception made it clear everyone only had one thing on their mind: having a fantastic time through dancing and celebration.

Instagram reel

Taylor Swift’s iconic music served as the perfect soundtrack to this video reel, only for Hayley




Top of the mountain at Rainforest Gardens

Couples looking to tie the knot at Rainforest Gardens have a unique opportunity to take in breathtaking ocean views from an awe-inspiring mountain. Capturing this special moment has become a lasting tradition for couples on their wedding day.

It is the perfect opportunity for couples to enjoy much-deserved quality time together. Guys, take a break from your hectic lives and bask in each other’s presence with no distractions or rush of everyday life getting in your way!

Rainforest Gardens offers breathtaking views from the top of its mountain – making it an ideal spot for capturing drone footage. It is worth considering for those looking to add a unique twist to their video!

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