Sirromet Winery

Sirromet Wedding

Weddings at Sirromet offers a truly spectacular location to married your loved one. The ceremony sites, magical reception venue and limitless photo and video opportunities. As you are surrounded by rolling slopes with vines and breathtaking scenery at the winery.

The Unique settings with three picturesque location offer exclusive individual event areas in which to have an unforgettable celebration; or enjoy outside under cover Jacob’s Ladder style without ever leaving this beautiful property. The exceptional videography locations allow us take some awesome shots from every angle imaginable so make sure not miss out on capturing those unique moments as they happen before.

Why Choose Sirromet Winery for Your Wedding?

There are many reasons why Sirromet Winery is the perfect choice for your wedding:

    1. Stunning scenery: The winery is located in a picturesque region of Queensland, surrounded by vineyards and mountains.
    2. World-class facilities: Sirromet Winery offers world-class facilities for weddings, including stunning ceremony locations, elegant reception venues, and luxurious accommodation.
    3. Delicious cuisine: The winery’s award-winning restaurant offers the best of Australian cuisine, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
    4. Award-winning wines: Sirromet Winery’s wines have won numerous awards and are the perfect accompaniment to the wedding meal.
    5. Professional and experienced staff: The winery’s staff are highly trained and experienced in organizing weddings, ensuring that every detail is taken care of.

Drone Footage of Sirromet

Here at Red Door Studios I am always tying to set the scene. Something that is paramount in wedding videography. telling the story of the day. is curial in make a wonderful wedding video. This footage was taken from Viola & Grant’s wedding on the 19th January 2022. It was the perfect day slightly overcast, so no sun to overexpose the image.

Sirromet Barrell Hall

Sirromet Barrel Hall

Sirromet Barrel Hall Hall has an atmosphere that is captivating and unique. With beautiful barrels lining the walls, high ceilings with brick arches – you can’t help but feel like your in a cellar!

Sirromet Winery the barrel room
Reception in the Barrell Hall

Tuscan Terrace

The Tuscan Terrace is an elegant, new reception space for weddings. It offers guests the perfect balance of beauty and relaxation with its white marquee feel that can be opened up to catch evening breezes or closed off if you want it all yourself! There are also many other benefits: The outdoor deck lets your visitors mingle more freely than ever before; while inside, this area adjoins our gorgeous patio, which makes extensive use of natural light coming through windows.

The Laguna

Imagine the most serene setting for your special day. Imagine a location that is not only beautiful but also rustic and natural with water lilies; natural bushland surrounds you as if nature itself were there to welcome guests into their Laguna ceremony site.

Sirromet from the air

Glamping at Sirromet

Sanctuary by Sirromet lets you escape the everyday and connect with nature. The tranquil bushland setting, houses the tented pavilions that offer elegant comfort and great access to the Laguna Ceremony location so idea for a stay in one stop wedding.

Weddings Videography at Sirromet Winery

Sirromet has many locations for your video shoot; ultimately, it depends on the videographer. There are no terrible locations at Sirromet. The best place to capture a sunset is right out the back of the property. The long grasses and fields are perfect for late afternoon portraits. The long grass usually catches all kinds of colourful and magical light as it sinks below these hills for an excellent shot!
Alternatively, there are Vineyards where You can wander the vineyards at your leisure and get lost in those lush green leaves. You might even come across an occasional kangaroo who will watch as you go about your business, fascinated by all things human!
The Lavender fields are A sea of sage green and purple; the lavender garden is always excellent in photos, and the lovely calming aromas surround this area!

Wedding videography is an excellent choice at Sirromet; this is one of the best locations for filming. There are endless opportunities to film the couple and tell a wedding story.

Wedding Day hghlighs

Teaser Trailer



Leah & Kerian

Phil was so down to earth, organised, calm and professional which is exactly what every bride needs in the lead up to the big day. During the day I barely saw him yet he managed to capture every little detail of our special day. Afterwards he responded to any questions/queries within an hour (right!!!!!) and the videos were exactly the vibe we wanted. We now have memories to last a lifetime and I could not recommend him enough! Thank you so much Phil!!!!

Wedding Day hghlighs

Teaser Trailer



Best Time to Have a Wedding at Sirromet

If you plan to have your wedding, Sirromet is a popular venue in Mount Cotton, Queensland. The winery offers a stunning setting for weddings and other events. Choosing the right time to have a wedding at Sirromet is crucial, as it can affect the event’s overall experience. 

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Time for a Sirromet Wedding


The weather is one of the most significant factors to consider when choosing the best time for a Sirromet wedding. While the winery provides an excellent location for outdoor weddings, you must consider the season and the weather conditions.


Sirromet is a popular wedding venue and will be limited during peak wedding season. If you have a specific date, booking well in advance is best to avoid disappointment. Alternatively, consider having a weekday wedding or getting married during the off-season when availability is likely higher.

Personal Preferences

Ultimately, the best time to have a wedding at Sirromet depends on your preferences. Consider what type of atmosphere you want for your wedding and what season suits you best. Some couples prefer a winter wedding, while others love the idea of an outdoor ceremony in the spring sunshine. Think about what suits you as a couple and go from there.

Best Time to Have a Wedding at Sirromet After considering the abovementioned factors, the best time to have a wedding at Sirromet is spring or Autumn.

Spring Wedding at Sirromet

Spring in Sirromet is a breathtaking sight, with lush greenery everywhere you look. The weather can be very mild, making it the perfect time for an outdoor wedding. Sirromet’s vineyards are in full bloom in spring, providing a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony and photos.

Autumn Wedding at Sirromet

Autumn is also a popular time to have a wedding at Sirromet. The weather is cooler than the summer months but still warm enough to have an outdoor ceremony. The vineyards are equally stunning during the Autumn season, with the leaves changing to beautiful shades of red and orange.