Music for you wedding video

Music is an essential part of any good wedding film, and adding music to your video will help you create emotion or fun that happen on your wedding day.
Music for your wedding video
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Wedding Video Music

Music is an essential part of any good wedding film, and adding music to your video will help you create memories that will last forever. However, there are strict guidelines about using copyrighted songs for them not to be considered plagiarized. Which is why it’s essential to know these rules before planning out the soundtrack!

Music, like other artistic creations, is often covered by copyright law. To avoid any copyright issues, you would need to get the license from an authorized source  or the artist. Unfortunately, that means the song or track you love and consider personal could not appear in your wedding video. But many online Music services have massive catalogues and can provide anything we need to create your wedding video.


Why we used licensed music

Using unlicensed music in your wedding video could lead to trouble for us videographers. We may be subjected to fines or legal issues if we fail to get licensing before using tracks with this kind of content. We only use licensed songs! If you’re planning on sharing your wedding video online. Then music used in these videos must have appropriate licensing. This way, people can legally enjoy them, and such content won’t get removed from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook.

If you decide you want to try and obtain a license for a copyrighted song for your wedding video, it would be your responsibly to obtain the license from the artist or record label.

Music licensing Platforms

Fortunately, Here at Red Door Studios, we used some of the best online libraries of licensed music for a wedding videos. Currently, at the moment, I use 2 websites, we are using Soundstripe and Audiio. But if do want to pick a song from other websites that may incur additional costs

Music for your wedding video
wedding video music

Can I choose my music for my wedding video?

I have been filming weddings for eight years and in my experience selecting music before the day can lead to some problems. To make a particular type of wedding film, we need specific footage. For the romantic film we that closeness that bound between you. Or if couples want a fun movie we need that energy, that fun in during the day.

That is why selecting a song before the wedding can make editing difficult if the music does not match the footage. As a videographer, I have no idea how your wedding day will go and neither do you!. You may expect your day to go a certain way, but it may be completely different. It could be a fun day, a party, an emotional one, or a tear-jerker, and the music has to accompany what you see on the screen.

If there is lot of audio in the film I may pick an instrumental song so not to distract from the dialog. songs need to have the rights build i.e. a stead pace, or songs that have crescendos to match those beautiful moments in your day……These are things I can’t predict until have the footage at hand.

Of course there is scope to chose your wedding songs so long as you give me choice, so I have a selection of music to chose from.

Creating a wedding film is about feeling! and that starts with the music

How many song will be in my wedding film ?

Until I have the footage I have no idea. Some can have 1 or 2 sometimes 3 sometimes 4. the length of the songs is just as important as the feeling they will give you when I create the highlights films.

The Best of both worlds

Here at Red Door Studios, we only choose music for your teaser trailers and wedding highlight videos. All of our packages included full ceremonies. You still have all of the original music from the day in these full edits. As these are not shared online, there are no copyright problems. So you can enjoy everything as it happens on the days as well as the creative highlight films.