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February 12, 2021by Phil Cooper


The Warehouse – Fortitude Valley

Location of Ceremony, Video shoot and Reception – The Warehouse – 8 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006.


Louise and Keaghan Highlight Reel

A Warehouse wedding…

A COVID affected wedding in 2020 was a regular occurrence, unfortunately…

Louise and Keaghan cancelled their wedding back in April 2020, just after the pandemic struck. It was put on hold for some time until they decided on a new date 12 December 2020. Far enough away at that time too hopefully avoid any more lockdowns. Then they had to change Venues as the previous location had gone into receivership.

The Warehouse
The Rings

The new venue the Warehouse in fortitude Valley on McLaughlin St was the first time I have been there a stunning venue everything is in one place, ceremony reception we never even left the building for the photos and video. It was predicted to rain, but it was not really a problem as we were not going anywhere.

the Warehouse in fortitude Valley
Louise waiting just before the Ceremony

The warehouse in fortitude Valley is a great location if you do not want to go anywhere and just have everything in one place, I would say they are always the best weddings where you not travelling around you not wasting time, so it is perfect.

8 McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley
A tear for Louise
An Emotional wedding

When I met Louise and Keaghan prior to the wedding date, I was aware it was going to be an emotional day. They told me their parents would cry they would cry. But everybody was crying during the ceremony. It was extremely difficult to focus on one person as everyone had a tear in there eye, including Louise and Keaghan!

Fortitude Valley
Louise the happiest bride


You can see it obviously meat a lot to all their families. It was just a day full of love, people having a great time forgetting about COVID,  sharing lots of fun and lots of happy memories They could not ask for more perfect day fortunately for me I am going back to the Warehouse fortitude Valley in June of this year for another wedding.


A Warehouse wedding
The first dance