The Bower Estate

The Bower Estate

Imagine your perfect day – the flowers are exquisite, birds sing serenades, and honeybees hum harmoniously. The food aroma compounds with fresh air as guests arrive to see what this extraordinary Place is! The Bower Estate is a stunning venue for weddings and events, with 120 acres of unparalleled beauty. Nestled in the Gold Coast Hinterland on our border between Queensland and New South Wales sits Natural Bridge, surrounded by some of Australia’s most iconic national parks.

The Reception marquee

Our custom-built clear marquee is perfect if you’re looking for an unforgettable way to celebrate with your guests! Its stunning design and luxurious atmosphere allow it to accommodate 120 people on one dance floor or 150 without. The Fig Tree area is perfect for enjoying post-ceremony drinks and appetizers while viewing the sunset lighting up Springbrook National Park.

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Wedding Videography at The Bower Estate

It was my first visit to the Bower Estate. And what a treat, With stunning surroundings, any wedding Gold Coast videographer would be very happy to come here and shoot a wedding. The Bower Estate is my venue. I love wide-open spaces where. I can get the drone out and show the surroundings. Springbrook is just a beautiful place. And the drone is just the best way to show that. The girls can get ready on-site, which is a bonus, so it’s only a short walk up to the ceremony, which has fantastic views of the mountains. And, of course, when you walk up to the reception. You have springbok as a backdrop.

So for me, this is one of those unique venues that you don’t get to go to too often, but any good wedding videographer would have endless opportunities to create and capture some fantastic wedding footage

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Madison & AJ Bower Estate Wedding

What a fabulous wedding. Madison and AJ had. The day they started. At Mobile Barbershop on the Gold Coast, which is funky. Place. Just get a haircut, but also chill out with the boys. And enjoy the morning rather than just being in a hotel room. The girls on site were very excited once I arrived. The wedding was a perfect day. It did rain later on in the afternoon. We were at the reception. But it was no drama. Everybody moved into the marquee.