Working with your Photographer

working with your Photographer
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A working collaboration Two creative minds

Photographers and videographers working together at your wedding

In the wedding industry, it no secret that you need a great photographer and videographer who can work in unison on your special day. Almost every week I work with a different photographer, ensuring an effective working relationship is vital to making your wedding day a day to remember.



When I meet a couple for the first time or when they initially book their wedding, I always enquire as to who is their photographer. I am aware that building the relationship between myself and the photographer is paramount in ensuring the best experience for the couple on the day. Once I determine the photographers’ details, I research their advertised work to establish their specific style, then initiate contact via email. I advise them how excited I am to be working with them at the upcoming nuptials and explain my process. The majority of the time the photographer will reply to this email, and we will commence discussing details of the wedding. I have been following this method for some years now and find that this sets a positive tone for our working relationship moving forward

A more formal introduction

When working so closely with a photographer it is everyone’s best interest to get to know them. Where possible, I always try to meet them face to face for a coffee. If this is not possible, I always attempt to at least ensure we have made contact via telephone, or in some instances, Facebook Messenger, so that we have built the relationship to a point where we are both comfortable prior to your wedding day.

Be a Team Player

Once your big day arrives, I ensure that I have planned to meet the photographer before we head up the rooms. This is of course especially important if we have not had the opportunity to formally meet face to face to date. This prep time allows us the opportunity to properly assess the venue and collaborate on details as to how best shoot items such as the dress, shoes, jewellery and to ensure that we are not getting in each other’s way and therefore not waste time butting heads. Working together, we ensure that we both get what we want, with the least amount of drama

Videography & photography – do we both want the same thing?

For the most part throughout the day our goals are the same, however some things that work for the photographer, won’t work for the videographer. It is imperative that both parties are vocal and freely discuss what they both want. . Whilst it is great to have someone else there who you can bounce ideas off, it is important to remember that the shooting process still is a collaboration between two creative minds. It is imperative that the videographer and photographer strategies key moments from the day, such as how we will film the bride when she dons her dress, or the location of cameras during the ceremony, so we are both on the same page.

“”Being helpful and amenable to everybody on the day will not only get you noticed but it will also get you referred””

Bring that sense of humour, and don’t take things too seriously

Keep communicating Banter and idol talk between the videographer and photographer needs to keep flowing throughout the day. If such a relationship is established, everyone in the bridal parties will notice and will immediately feel at ease. Throughout my career, I’ve had so any comments like “so, you guys have obviously worked together before” or “how long you have known each other” which I believe pays testament to my ability to build relationships This ensures everyone will feel more relaxed results in better shots for everyone! Ensuring I maintain the videographer & photographer relationship. Throughout my career, I’ve received countless referral bookings from photographers. I have worked with by just maintaining contact. . When I post films from the day on my Facebook page I always tag the photographer and acknowledge their work. .. I ensure I follow photographers on social media and if I ascertain that a couple is after a specific style of photography that they specialise in, I pass on the individual or companies name to the couple for consideration.