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March 4, 2021


Austinville Gold Coast


A wedding Austinville Gold Coast

Katelyn and Christopher

I seem to be going around the friend’s circle. This was another recommendation from the beautiful  Mikaylah & Nick’s from a few years ago at their Mt Alford wedding. Thank you to her for recommending me again. Soon I will be giving her a commission…. or should I have started?

The sign as your enter Cowbell Creek

Cowbell Creek Austinville

I was at Cowbell Creek on the Gold Coast two years ago for Kaylah and Darren’s wedding. Where I first experienced what Cowbell Creek had to offer. It holds fond memories for me because I had to buy a new drone. That was the last time I had to buy a new one. I crashed JOAN the drone into the tree and had to get across the Creek to recover the memory card, I retrieved the footage, and that was all that mattered.

This time thankfully, I avoided the trees. And got some great footage with the drone.

The cows at Cowbell Creek

Beautiful Surroundings

I absolutely love Cowbell Creek in Austinville. It’s really is a stunning venue. The staff are always excellent. Tracey, Megan and Darren always give five-star, friendly but casual service. Still going out of their way to make sure the couples have a fantastic day. It was looking terrific with lots of rain around everything was looking lush and green. Perfect for a  wedding!

Happiness This way

Happiness this way…

I think that title says it’s all Katelyn & Chris with the bridal party in tow having a great time. We all enjoyed feeding the cows and horses, with Basil ( the COW with an attitude) the standout.

And I am quite sure Katelyn and Chris had a fabulous day! I’m sure the future holds a lot for Katlyn and Chris; I’m sure they will have a most epic time! Another fabulous day spent with two beautiful humans! Thanks for having me