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February 26, 2021by Phil Cooper

Wedding day Love Letters Steph & Nathan

Getting all the feels on this wedding day

Wedding at Tiffany’s is a venue I have not been to for a few years now. But it was just how I remembered. A stunning venue with a beautiful intimate Chapel, with the fantastic backdrop at the glasshouse mountains in the distance and of course the evergreen One Tree Hill.

Couples show different emotions in different ways at weddings. Some do it by laughing, some do it by partying some do it with tears and joy. There were lots of tears and joy in Steph and Nathan’s day.

Wedding day love letters – I LOVE love letters

Writing a love letter to each other on the wedding day is it very personal thing some people don’t want to share it. Couple can sometimes be embarrassed to show the love they had for each other, and embarrassed to show their friends and family. I think it’s a beautiful thing. As a cinematographer, a love letter is one of the most beautiful things that I can capture. Better than vows or speeches; it’s something from the heart. I have no control over what is being said by the couples. When letter are written so beautifully. It just means I can create something unique. 

From the moment we started doing the love letter readings with Steph & Nathan, you realise that this means more than you know. More than any words can say! heck, I do not get very emotional filming these. I’ve done hundreds, but this one got me in the feels as well….

Love Letters Teaser Trailer

And that’s what brought me to the love letters teaser trailer. 

It doesn’t have to be flashy, show drones shot or sunset….It just needs to show love