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February 26, 2021

Getting all the feels on this wedding day

Wedding at Tiffany’s is a venue I have not been to for a few years. But it was just how I remembered. A stunning venue with a beautiful intimate Chapel. The fantastic backdrop at the glasshouse mountains in the distance and, of course, the evergreen One Tree Hill.

Couples show different emotions in different ways at weddings. Some do it by laughing, and some do it by partying. Some do it with tears and joy. There were lots of tears and fun on Steph and Nathan’s day.

Wedding day love letters – I LOVE love letters

Writing a love letter to each other on the wedding day is very personal; some people don’t want to share it. Couples can sometimes be embarrassed to show their love for each other and embarrassed to show their friends and family. It’s a beautiful thing. As a cinematographer, a love letter is one of the most beautiful things I can capture. Better than vows or speeches; it’s something from the heart. I have no control over what is being said by the couples. When letters are so beautifully written, I can create something unique. 

When we started doing the love letter readings with Steph & Nathan, you realised that this means more than you know. More than any words can say! Heck, I do not get very emotional filming these. I’ve done hundreds, but this one got me in the feels as well.

It doesn’t have to be flashy, show drones shot or sunset….It just needs to show love

Writing letters vs ceremony vows

Love letters are a deeply personal way to express your affection for someone. Unlike wedding vows, which provide a formal record of statements made in the moment, love letters allow you to craft a more intimate message without the pressure of promises that last forever. With love letters, you can talk about shared experiences both past and future, vent your deepest emotions, or confess things in private that you would never bring up during a ceremony. In short, love letters create an opportunity to communicate on an even deeper level with the person you care about most.

Writing love letters is an incredible way to document your emotions for future generations. Before you know it, a wedding day is over, and all you have left are the written words and videos we create from the day. But the words on a page can allow others to experience something special. Love letters are a timeless way to capture the words said between two people – something no one should ever take for granted.

Love Letters

And that brought me to the love letters teaser trailer with all my films. There is always an underlying story in everything.

It is not my first time incorporating love letters into one of my Wedding films. When I meet My clients, I always send them information about how they can improve their wedding film with audio. And the top of that list is love letters. That is a very personal way for people To talk about each other.

Prelude to a wedding day

An engagement video can be a fantastic way for a couple to share their love story and announce their engagement to family and friends. Here are some reasons why engagement videos can be significant:

  1. Personalisation: An engagement video lets the couple tell their story uniquely, incorporating their personalities, interests, and preferences.
  2. Emotional connection: A well-made engagement video can evoke emotions and help the viewers connect with the couple’s love story and journey.
  3. Memorable: An engagement video can be a fun and unique way to announce an engagement shared with loved ones who may not be present for the proposal.
  4. Timeless: An engagement video can be cherished and enjoyed for years to come as a reminder of the couple’s love and commitment.
  5. Creativity: An engagement video can showcase the couple’s imagination and sense of style, allowing them to express themselves and enjoy the process.

Sarah and Max are planning their wedding and have started writing love letters to one another. We had the privilege to film them as they wrote these letters. Mount Tamborine Botanical gardens surrounded them.