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March 13, 20230

How to write a letter to your partner on a wedding day:- from a videographer’s point of view

As wedding videographers, we primarily aim to capture the day as it unfolds. We have no real input on how the wedding runs or what will happen, and we can’t control wedding vows or speeches. Our role is to document the special day without any real influence on what goes on.

As a wedding videographer with over ten years of experience capturing countless weddings, I’ve seen various love stories unfold from couples who choose to write beautiful letters to each other on their big day or have unique and personal stories that tell their journey. I have great insight into turning a letter from good to great.

The wedding teaser trailer

wedding teaser trailer is a video that gives viewers a preview of the main highlight film. This short video typically includes snippets of powerful, emotionally charged footage that hints at and draws attention to the real story only found in the highlight film. For example, Tim and Tamika’s wedding was affected by rain, so their trailer had more emotion than most.


The more information we have, the better the story

As a wedding videographer, it is essential to have plenty of details about the couple’s story to create a compelling wedding film. I always strive to obtain as much information as possible, even though I may only use some of the information provided. It is better to have more than enough information rather than not have enough.

Wedding videographers capture your big day on film and use dialogue, interviews, and soundbites to tell a complete story. Photographs can’t give your special day the same level of emotion and context as audio combined with footage. Hiring a professional wedding videographer is the best way to ensure your precious memories in detail.

Reading and writing letters at a wedding is not for everyone

Drawing from my experience and knowledge, I always offer couples suggestions for their wedding day. But I never force them to take it and ensure they understand it’s their special day to do what they want. Everyone must be comfortable in their skin, and with the decisions they make for their wedding day – no one should feel forced into anything. These suggestions are always optional.

Emotional teaser trailer

Tim and Tash’s teaser trailer, beautifully set up the main video with an emotional letter reading from Tasha. The wedding day had lots of rain, but this trailer captures their special moment despite the inclement weather.


Ceremony vows vs letters.

A love letter is a beautiful way to express your love and devotion to your partner. It’s a personal message that tells the story of your relationship, recalling memories and memorable moments and expressing your emotions for each other. On the other hand, wedding vows are the promises two people make to one another during their wedding ceremony, pledging their commitment and expressing their wishes for their future life together. Letters and vows complement each other giving the videographer plenty of backstory for the wedding video.

Build Build Build

On their anniversaries, couples can relive the joy of their wedding day with a set of specially crafted films. Each captures an individual narrative, and all are linked to create one magical storybook that tells the tale of true love celebrated on special occasions year after year.


Writing ideas for your love letter.

Be creative and express yourself!

Express your love and gratitude.

Writing a love letter to your partner can be a great way to express your feelings and appreciation. Tell them how they have changed you and why they mean so much to you. Acknowledge all the fun moments you have had together and describe the unique characteristics that attract you to them.

Appreciate the journey

Writing each other love letters is a beautiful way to look back and appreciate the journey you have taken together as a couple. Reflect deeply on the obstacles you have faced and those moments of closeness and love. Acknowledge your goals for your present and future, and let this be a ritual that keeps the flame of your passion burning endlessly.

Share your excitement:

Share your enthusiasm and anticipation for such an important milestone in your life. Let your partner know how thrilled you are to embark on this journey with them. Tell them how eager you are to start this new chapter of your lives as a married couple.

Example letters

Although many examples of traditional “love letters” can be used as guides, the best way to share your heart is through personal expression. Your words will truly encapsulate your unique connection with your loved one.

Exampe 1

It seems like only yesterday that I met the love of my life and the woman of my dreams; these past two years, I have lived a lifetime of love and memories. I feel more blessed than I ever felt. From the moment I met you, I knew that you were the woman for me. Your tenacity in our relationship is incomparable, and I know I will always have somebody in my corner, no matter what. Living in the moment with you is what you have given me. Every second I spend; with you, I wish it would last that extra bit longer. Every minute we spend together, it feels like I’m re-watching a great movie in my mind. You give me a reason to keep living, laughing, and loving. You are my first thought in the morning and the last thought at night. You are the sweetest taste when I drink wine and the happiness I have when my cheeks hurt from smiling. You are the end to my beginning. The warm hug when I return home at night and the early morning cup of coffee. You make everything happen. And give it a reason. Living every day if you like it, this is my last. Looking into your eyes at the end of every day is a dream come true…. Let’s get married.

Example 2

Finally, our big day has arrived, and I feel so blessed to be here with you sharing this journey. You are my rock, my person; I feel safe with you. I know I’m home. I know you are there to celebrate the highs and be the shoulder to cry on when I am sad. I am so excited about what the future has in store for us when. Thank you for challenging me to look at the world differently and teaching me that growth is not always comfortable but is always worth it. For showing me, it’s OK to love and depend on another and never let me down in the process. You have made my dreams your dreams, and then together, we turned them into those dreams into reality time and time again. I cannot wait to see you at 3 pm. I will be wearing a white dress…. love you always

How many words should a letter typically be?

Consider what message you want to convey if you are writing a letter and wondering how much content to include. It depends entirely on the individual, but as a guide, limit yourself to one or two minutes of reading. It will be enough time to make your story meaningful, whether it’s an anecdote, promise of love, or declaration.

The letter should be handwritten rather than written on a mobile phone as it captures a more sentimental feeling and will look better on any video recordings of the wedding. It is essential to ensure that the handwriting is neat and legible; if your handwriting could be better, try typing it up with an elegant font! As long as it is on paper,t is a lovely tribute to this special day.

The Perfect highligh film

Get ready to experience a journey through the beautiful and unique moments from this couple’s special day! This highlight film is packed with emotion – letters exchanged between couples, heartwarming speeches, as well as elements of their ceremony. Each part builds on one another creating an unforgettable story.


When should you read the letter?

Before the wedding day

You can choose to do this ahead of time or on the day of the wedding. Have an engagment shoot with the videographer It is a great way to add extra emotion and personal touches to your footage if you want to incorporate that in a wedding day video.

On the wedding day

To create a sound-quality recording, you’ll need access to a quiet room and ensure it is well-lit for maximum clarity. Additionally, think about how long it will take for setup—this process can take up to 15 minutes for the best results. The perfect backdrop for a heartfelt letter is an environment with sunlight streaming through the window. All these considerations are vital for ensuring you look and sound your best!

In conclusion

Writing a love letter is one of the most personal and enduring ways to express love and affection to your partner. A well-crafted letter is sure to make an impact, conveying all the emotions you might be unable to express in person. From sharing anecdotes to writing heartfelt wishes and messages, tailor your letter to your needs. be creative but most all be yourself.

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