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February 8, 2021

How to record audio at a wedding

A  Wedding film would be nothing without audio. Without audio its just a bunch of images and you may as well  of just hired a photographer.

Knowing how to film a wedding is one aspect So getting good audio is essential in telling a great story with a great narrative. So having the right Audio gear is essential to achieve this goal. But it’s not just about having the right gear, But having the right gear for the right moment. Apart from having a microphone in one hand we don’t want to be ruining the magic by seeing a recorder in the frame. So being discreet as possible Is also very important

Getting good wedding audio is not always straightforward. sometimes you really need to think outside the box in order to get the audio that you need. It might not be perfect but at least you have a good audio, there are lots of ways on a wedding day to capture audio so you can tell a story.

How to record audio at a wedding – The Field recorder

On the wedding day we need to have options on how we are gonna record so having a field recorder is essential I use the zoom F8 and eight track recorder fantastic for recording multiple sources for say a celebrants PA system or sound mixer from a DJ

How to record Audio at a wedding
Zoom F8 8 track field recorder

Lav Mic and small recorders

Small Audio recorders are great for being small they can be hidden away and be discreet,  great for filming ceremonies. We are not always gonna have a microphone to record so we need to think of other ways to get the best audio possible for things like letter readings or  interviews , these really are essential piece of kit to get the job done.

Left to right – Tentacle Track-E , Rode Wireless go, Rode Filmmaker, Sony Dictaphone

It’s always good to bring Lav Mic options I always bring your black Anna white Lav Mic sometimes grooms won’t have jackets on and you still need to be discreet so that’s where the white  Lav Mic will come into it

recording audio at weddings
Black and White lavalier microphones (Lav mic)

Back-up Recording

The one biggest thing I’ve learnt over the years just to make sure you have a back up of the main Recording and better still have a backup of the backup. I have been in situations where I have been down to my third back up because things have gone wrong with the other two so ….have a back up….

Options as backups in case the main two ways don’t work I always try and get at least three recordings for each of the most important part of the day are you ceremonies and speeches this this can be achieved in two ways.

how to record audio at a wedding
A Tascam DR-40 with a windshield and a microphone with a rode wireless go attached

One. Is to place a field recorder something like a Tascam dr40 and put it on top of a speaker with a windshield to protect the capsules from wind noise

Two. Is to place a wireless recorder onto the microphone something like a Sony Dictaphone or rode wireless go.

How to record Audio at a wedding – Audio cables, Bring them all!

You can never have enough Cables. PA systems DJ Sound  boards and house systems they can have different connections . You cannot rely on DJ’s or the venue supplying you with cables because you just don’t know what you’re going to need so always bring more and he’s absolutely necessary

How to record audio at a wedding
from let to right 3.5mm, female XLR Male MLR , 1/4 inch, RCA

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