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February 8, 2021


How to film a ceremony at a wedding (by Yourself)

How to film a ceremony by yourself at a wedding is probably the most important part of the day. the ceremony is something that couples are going to be looking back on for years, showing family and friends, so it is important we get it right, we do not get a second chance, so we have to get it right the first time. Getting great images is one thing, but getting great audio is also key.

I use four cameras for a ceremony three on tripods and one that I carry which I am mobile, and I float around the ceremony. having four cameras has its benefits the first one being if a camera does go down for any reason then you have three other cameras recording.

How to film a wedding ceremony – The entrance

Good communication between yourself and the photographer is key at this point because you don’t want to be getting in each other’s way. We are either going to be at the top of the aisle position Y or position X at the bottom of the aisle next to the groom so we can get his reaction as well as the bride walking down the aisle.


How to film a wedding cermony
The entrance of the Bridal party


People standing on the entrance of the bridal party

This is just a side note: if we are in an outdoor location or large church with plenty of space this normally isn’t an issue with people standing when the bridal party enters. But it can be an issue at small churches and venues where there is very little space and sometimes cameras can be blocked especially cameras B&C on the side, so sometimes it is beneficial if nobody stands on the entrance. but of course this will differ from venue to venue.


Putting a camera in the isle?

As a professional courtesy to the photographer, I think this really is a no no. It completely blocks access for the photographer blocking his shots. It is about working with the photographer not working against the photographer a camera at the back to the crowd we’ll cover the entire ceremony, and you can still operate in the isle to get those oil shots if necessary.


How to film a wedding ceremony, vows and rings

For my ceremonies I like to get action, reaction. As an example the bride and groom are doing their vows and I’m going to have my camera facing the crowd, I want to get people’s reactions to what they are saying somebody wiping away a tear or somebody laughing so basically I am filling in the gaps of the three main cameras B,C & D.

From here I’m going to be wondering around getting angles towards the bride and groom through the crowd and then heading to the isle ready for the exchanging of the rings position Y


How to film a ceremony at a wedding
The vows and exchanging of rings


The Walkout

The walkouts are really fun part of a ceremony this is when the couple to finally get to celebrate look at their friends and get the reactions as they’re walking down the isle. Of course the photographer and the videographer are going to be side by side at this point walking backwards getting a couple in a really happy moment.

These are always great shots with flower petals or confetti always a fantastic shot at a wedding

How to film wedding ceremonies
The walkout


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