Wedding venues and filmsThe Old Courthouse Cleveland

February 15, 20210

The Old Courthouse Cleveland

The Waterfront Location

The Old Courthouse boasts a rare absolute waterfront location on the picturesque Moreton Bay. Views of the water and the islands create a stunning backdrop for your wedding Ceremony. The waterfront location provides a tranquil and romantic setting for your special day.

The Cleveland Room

The venue offers a range of options, but one of its most intimate spaces is The Cleveland Room. This cozy space is perfect for a wedding reception of up to 60 people. The Cleveland Room has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with French heritage doors that open into the Courtyard, adding charm and offering a private space for you and your guests to enjoy the stunning views and delightful ambience.

Wedding Ceremony Venues in Brisbane

The Courthouse Restaurant is an ideal choice if you are searching for wedding ceremony venues in Brisbane. The unique property and captivating ambience make it a perfect wedding venue that can cater to your every need and create a memorable experience for you and your guests.


Are you getting married at The Old Courthouse?

Why Choose The Old Courthouse?

Choosing The Old Courthouse as your wedding venue is a decision you will never regret. It is a stunning waterfront location and intimate spaces, and I found it a professional service. Whether planning an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, The Old Courthouse can cater to your every need and create a magical and memorable experience for you and your guests.


A Relaxed wedding with a hint of rain…

Looking forward to a fun day and getting married, Jemma and Grant seemed like the perfect couple. Unfortunately for them, though, their wedding was going to be indoors due in large part to rain that morning-something they weren’t expecting but were hoping would pass quickly enough before it became too much of an issue during proceedings!

It certainly was not due to start until 4:30 but unfortunately celebrant was late so the ceremony did not start until 5:00 o’clock but I guess that was lucky. The rain passed by then and Grant make that decision have the ceremony in the garden. Jemma was happy afterwards that Grant had made the decision. Of course, for the final films It looked much better outside in the gardens rather than undercover, so I was incredibly happy for them.


The Old Courthouse Ceremony

It certainly was a fun day, Jemma was just out to have a good time and marry her sweetheart. The Old Courthouse ceremony was perfect funny, emotional and sharing the love they had for one another

Cleveland point lighthouse

We only had a little time, so we headed down the road to Cleveland point to the lighthouse. It was great that we had the muscle cars. We got some fantastic shots on the boat ramp with the Mustangs. You could not get the smile off Jemma’s face; she was having the time of her life. I knew where Keen to get some drone footage earlier in the day. It wasn’t possible, but just before the sunset, we got in a drone shot, so they were happy. It was a shame we couldn’t get more drone footage of the Old Courthouse in Cleveland, as it’s perfect for flying to Done

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