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Are you looking for a wedding videographer to film your wedding Charleville?

We are the best in town (Brisbane that is)! Our team of experienced, professional videographers will capture your special day from Brisbane to Charleville in a weekend. You can relive it over and over again. You’ll love our attention to detail and how we make sure everything is perfect before we leave. Trust us with your memories today!

When you choose us to be your Wedding Videographer, you get more than just a video of your big day – you get an experience. We want to be part of every step of the process from start to finish because we know how important this moment is for both families involved. Let us help create something truly amazing together!

Nicole & Daniel - Charleville
The Outback drone shot
Nicola & Dan sunset

I was lucky enough to be recommended by another photographer to film Nicola and Dans wedding in Charleville, where the ceremony and reception were held at their house in beautiful surrounding. The couple made it very a easy, fun event with stunning sunset for photoshoot along creek I felt so privileged when asked if I could capture their special day. It was along way top travel but defiantly worth the effort.

The land of many wonders, Charleville was an incredible city for its size with beautiful architecture and amazing views from every side but wish I could have stayed longer so as not miss any other surprises waiting around the corner. I’m sure I will be back

Wedding Videography in Charleville

Brisbane to Charleville is an excellent 9-hour drive, give or take and a few stop-offs. Is it work the trip? Absolutely. My trip to Charleville was enjoyable. As a wedding videographer, there is lots of scope in and around Charleville for some great looking video footage. I was lucky that the town had had lots of rain, so it was very green, which I was not expecting. The only disappointing thing was the airport was right on top of the town, so I had to travel just outside the 5km no-fly zone to get the drone in the air. So for any wedding videography, it’s getting the thumbs up.

Little Wedding Moments from Charleville


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