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Rockhampton Wedding videography

Just a short 7 hour drive from Brisbane. I was Very excited to be shooting my first wedding in Rockhampton. I do love going on a road trip, and enjoying the countryside that Australia has to offer. Always fantastic to go to a new venue.

Lazy Acres Bellevue

The beauty of the country is combined with privacy and serenity at this establishment. It has 165 acres, which are nestled in Alton Downs approx. 20 minutes from Rockhampton on property known as Lazy Acres Bellevue offers two beautiful accommodation facilities that can accommodate up to 12 people each – a generous timber function area (with an attached BBQ) , lively pavilion or even just your lawn if you’re feeling lazy! The kids will love playing outside here too because it’s fully fenced off

My first visit to Rockhampton for a wedding. My first visit to Lazy Acres. Bellevue is a welcoming destination. For every couple. With its serene surroundings and private location. You really can enjoy it. The day. Without leaving the venue. Even though I was only 20 minutes from Rockhampton, it does feel like you’re a world away. From the big city.

Having everything on site makes it easy for everybody. It is excellent for the drone. You have many options for the video shoot, whether you use the paddocks, angry cows in the background, or go out onto the roads. And use the fantastic sunsets. It makes this venue I delight to film it.



Rhys and Heather’s wedding at Lazy Acres

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to lazy acres Rockhampton. It was a treat!. A very relaxed affair, of course, made easier because everything is on site. The weather did throw in an unexpected thunderstorm just before the ceremony. That all cleared away, leaving for a very dramatic sunset for the video shoot

We had some fun during the video shoot; we had some very angry cows in a field that decided to charge us! Some of the girls in the bridal party dig a little bit anxious, but thankfully nothing bad happened. And indeed, it made that part of the day memorable.
With endless fields, lots of space and everything in one place, lazy acres is a lovely place to have a wedding. You really can forget about the organising and just enjoy the day.

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