The Chaple Montville

A Chapel Montville wedding

What I think of The Chapel Montville The Chapel speaks for itself – and your first words when you see it will probably be “Oh wow!”. This little chapel was created from Helidon sandstone by a team of stonemasons. It has enormous red cedar doors with the tree of life hand carved into them and white onyx floors. Animals have even been hand carved into the pews and altar. It’s more than a building; it’s art in the middle of Montville! This building is perfect for a small intimate wedding, and their pretty reception venues are only a short walk away. However, you do need to go offsite for photos, as there isn’t much opportunity on the grounds. You can watch another film from this locations

Inside the Chapel Montville
Outside the Chapel Montville
at Night Chapel Montville

Wedding Day hghlighs



Leasa & Robbie Teaser Trailer

Just a taste of Leasa & Robbie wedding day. Starting off at the chapel then a little bit of prep then off to One tree Hill for then most spectacular sunset

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