Yandina Station

A Yandina Station Wedding

The Yandina Station is a unique and beautiful venue that offers incredible views, as well as the perfect background for your special day. The historic estate has been hosting gorgeous weddings since 1996; you’ll be able to enjoy this dreamy spot

Yandina Station
Yandina Station from a drone
Yandina Station onsite Accommodation

Yandina Station, the rural experience

Nothing says romance like the sound of your favorite cows mooing in appreciation. Take a walk through this historic family farm on Saturday morning with all their Brahman cattle watching you go by, and when you’re done making out between them remember that it was once an even more romantic occasion – marriage! This larger than life place will make any wedding feel extravagant; don’t forget to visit our hay shed for some photos before leaving everyone behind at home again…

There are over 14 acres worth exploring here including gravelled paths, trees (both ancient fruit or new pasture varieties), dams made from local stone walls built centuries ago which offer great opportunities for photos and video

Wedding ceremonies and post-ceremony celebrations are be held overlooking the dam andMt Coolum. The country atmosphere is sure to relax your guest as they enjoy their welcome drinks at this beautiful venue! The authentic dairy barn comfortably seats up 180 people so that everyone has an opportunity for a fantastic time during speeches followed by delicious food compliments

You can view their website HERE

Wedding Videography at Yandina Station

Yandina Station is a fantastic setting for any wedding videographer to create and film incredible wedding footage. With so many options, it comes down to the videographer’s imagination. You have the beautiful old Queensland with its original interior and the classic old rustic barn perfect backdrops for any video shoot. It’s also a great place to fly and drone with Mount Coolum off in the distance. I’ve only been to Yandina station once, but I look forward to going back there and creating more excellent wedding videos for other couples.

Wedding video highlights

Nicole and Bens wedding video

I think this wedding video captures Nicole and Ben wedding in a Nutshell. The wedding music, the setting, Ben’s reaction to seeing Nicole for the first time was sensational, and I could have been happier for them. One of my favourite wedding films!



Phil is so easy going and great to work with! He makes you forget your even being filmed! So happy with our video it was worth every cent and it’s something we will cherish forever. Thanks Phil!

More Sunshine Coast Weddings

Yandina station is not the only fantastic venue on the Sunshine Coast. The Rocks at Yandina is not far from here, another great little venue that would suit any wedding couple. With many amazing beaches along the coast, you have Point Cartwright with its rocky outcroppings and pristine beaches. Noosa is always a fantastic place for weddings. I have filmed many weddings at the Boathouse on the Noosa river or Noosa springs where you never have to leave, and you can party with your friends all night long.