Obi Obi Hall

A Obi Obi Hall Wedding

Obi Obi Hall or Fairy Light Hall (as it used to be call) has now stood the test of time for 110 years. It can fit up to 110 people for an intimate wedding with all the amenities you need. Situated in the lush and serene hills of Sunshine Coast Hinterland, surround by trees and open fields. Its a marvellous wedding where you and your guests will feel like they’ve been transported back centuries ago!

A drone can be an incredible option for any couple who want to add extra flair and creativity to their wedding day. From epic vistas and open fields to the quick flight of the drone, Obi Obi Hall is one of the best venues to show your big day to be documented uniquely.

Obi Obi Hall drone
Obi Obi Hall Mapleton Falls
Mapleton falls

I had never been to the Obi Obi Hall before, so it was a pleasant surprise to discover it. The journey to get there was adventurous as we had to take a winding dirt track off the mountain and into Obi Obi Valley. Despite a brief shower of rain, we were able to enjoy the scenic surroundings. However, one of the locations we had planned for the photoshoot was ruined due to the heavy rain. As a result, we decided to move to Mapleton Falls, a stunning location with breathtaking views.

Mapleton Falls is a natural wonder located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, surrounded by lush greenery and diverse flora and fauna. It is a popular destination for hiking and picnicking, with numerous trails to explore. The scenery includes rocky outcrops, small waterfalls, and expansive vistas that offer an ideal setting for weddings and stunning videography

Apart from hiking and picnicking, Mapleton Falls is also an ideal location for weddings and photo shoots. The area around the car park is particularly spectacular, offering a panoramic view of the valley below. The rocky outcrops and small waterfalls make for an excellent backdrop for wedding photos, while the expansive vistas provide the perfect setting for a drone photo shoot.

I was fortunate to witness a sunset at Mapleton Falls. It was genuinely spectacular with the sun setting over the waterfall below. The outcropping at Mapleton Falls provided a breathtaking view, making it a perfect spot to get the drone out and capture the beauty of the valley below. Overall, Mapleton Falls is a stunning locationfor a couple to have tehre photoshoot. You can find out more about this venue HERE

Music for these films

This film is one of my favourites. It has everything, great visuals, ceremony and speeches and a fantastic sunset. The music featured in the film was recorded live on the day. The reception featured an Irish band, and with their permission, I used their music in the film. It means that every aspect of the day was captured on film as it happened, making it an extraordinary recording.

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What can i say? Phil is an absolutely fantastic guy and an even better Sunshine Coast wedding videographer. The video’s are way better than we ever could have asked for and Rhi and I actually loved hanging out with him on the day to get all the footage. I couldn’t possibly recommend him enough. Get Phil in on your wedding and you won’t regret it!