Wedding Love Stories & Highlights3 sisters 3 weddings and 1 videograher

February 16, 20230

3 sisters, 3 weddings and one videographer

Filming weddings is an honour. I get to enjoy the wedding day and see two people join on what will be one of the best days of their lives. It is a big responsibility. to be recommended by a couple is one thing, but to film an entire family that’s another. The burden is not one I take for granted,

To film all three weddings is something special. It happens very often, but I feel privileged to be there on all three occasions. That would make any filmmaker proud!

I first met the Smith sisters, Rosie Phobe and Olivia, in 2016 for their first wedding. Rosie and Cameron were getting married at the family home in Brookfield. The wedding was almost cancelled due to heavy flooding and rain leading up to the day. With many friends to help, they prepared the area in time. It was a lovely day, and all those troubles were washed away! literary

It was my first encounter with Rob. Since the girls were only babies, he had been the family photographer, so it was a family affair.

To this day, Rosie and Cameras highlight video is still one of my favourites. Cameron’s wedding Vows are still some of the best I’ve heard and listened to.


Phoebe and Jack
The backyard theme continues into Phoebe and Jack’s wedding, which is held at Jack’s family home in Pittsworth, QLD. Also, they had close to 200 guests, but the property was extensive, with plenty of space for everyone—a truly unforgettable sunset on another unique wedding. The common theme for all weddings is that it is always a party!


Olivia & James
And that brings us full circle and back to where it all started, a backyard Brookfield wedding mark II. A few years had passed since I spoke to the sisters, and a lot had changed. Rosie and Olivia both had babies then, so it was a whole house during prep in the morning. I was asked several times during the day ^who had the best wedding?” a question I steered clear of/

Olivia and James were, of course, doing the wedding their way. James’s parents immigrated from Spain, so Olivie recited her vows in Spanish. And to continue that theme, they had a mariachi band to get the party going.


I feel excellent about being there for three fabulous weddings and a beautiful family.

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