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February 20, 20230

Albert River Wedding photography. Nestled amid the sprawling hills of Mount Tambourine, Albert River Wines is a one-of-a-kind destination. With its colonial homesteads and sunsets that light up pastures as far as you can see – this idyllic location has been referred to by many for its exquisite wines, serene atmosphere and stunning Chapel, perfect for special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries. Whether admiring nature’s breathtaking views in person or sipping on their award-winning drops, visitors will find all they could ever wish inside these lush grounds.

The choices you have here for your wedding depending on what you want. They have options for everybody. To be able to create a bespoke wedding that is truly yours.

I’ve been to Albert river as a  Gold coast wedding videographer. But I never to do wedding photography, so this was my first time. They have made a few upgrades since the last time I was there. Albert River has recently tarmacked the road, making it easy to get around. No more dust going everywhere

On a hot day, you can have a ceremony in the beautiful little garden outside the Chapel, which is exactly what Warren and Christine did for their wedding. They had a morning wedding and then a lovely lunch in the restaurant.

It was a wonderful wedding. It was overcast, which made the lights perfect. Even though it was midday, it didn’t matter. The light was beautiful and soft.

The Pride and joy of Warren was his classic car.they were his father’s. And he has kept the family tradition going and has restored it. And it is—his baby. I think the colours of both cars really popped with the muted colours of Albert River.

Even though the wedding was in the middle of the day, then beautiful overcast is what you want. That dramatic sky looks fantastic in their photos.
If you’re going, have for going to have a mid-morning wedding. It is the kind of weather that you want.

Well, now I can say that I’ve done both. Wedding videography and wedding photography at Albert River which one is better? While they’re both the same, it’s a great location. He can’t go wrong. And these guys were fortunate with it being an overcast day. It just made the photos so much more incredible.

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