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March 3, 20230

The Old Museum Building in Bowen hills Brisbane, is a historic structure originally constructed in 1891 as the Exhibition Building. Designed by architect Richard Gailey in the Victorian Italianate style and was the main venue for the annual Brisbane Exhibition until 1920.

In 1899, the building hosted the Australasian Federal Convention, which resulted in the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia. The building continued for various exhibitions and events until 1930, when the RNA Showgrounds was built and took over as the main exhibition venue in Brisbane.

From 1931 to 1986, it was the home of the Queensland Museum. It was known as the Old Museum and housed the museum’s collection of natural history specimens, cultural artifacts, and historical objects. In 1986, the Old Museum Brisbane relocated to a new purpose-built facility in South Brisbane.

Today, the Old Museum Building is a cultural centre and event space, hosting concerts, exhibitions, weddings, and other events. The building has been restored and renovated over the years and is now a heritage-listed landmark in Brisbane.

The Old Museum Brisbane for weddings

Hosting a wedding at the old Museum. creates a beautiful and memorable environment for the special day. Chantelle and Tony chose to have their ceremony on the grass in front of the building, providing a stunning view of its grand facade. There are many different options for hosting your nuptials at the old Museum., each one offering an unforgettable experience.

The Old Museum is a stunning setting for a wedding ceremony. Its manicured gardens are the perfect backdrop for documenting special moments on your big day. Whether you plan to get photographs in the small garden or have the space be your venue of choice, this iconic building will surely add glamour to your wedding

Chantelle and Tony stayed at the Sofitel, just down the road from the old museum. There was only one person each at the bridal party. So there is heaps of morning time to get some excellent prep photography. Unfortunately, Tony didn’t want any photos of him getting ready.

Have you ever passed by the old museum while driving in Brisbane? Though it may seem obscure initially, this could be an ideal venue to hold a wedding ceremony. You would need to bring in the necessary amenities and supplies as the old museum does not already have them, but it has the potential to be an excellent choice for a milestone celebration!

Old building like this are few and far between in Brisbane

The Old Museum in Brisbane has stood amidst the city’s modern skyline for many years. Despite its aged appearance, the building exudes a vintage charm, making it a popular and photogenic attraction. Wedding photography here is definitely a worthwhile location, even if it is just for the wedding photos, but also as a great place to take in some history.

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