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March 2, 20230

Wedding videographers should be like a gymnast. Finding the perfect wedding videographer for your special day is a challenging feat. It takes time, effort, and considerable thought to select someone you feel comfortable working with – after all; they’ll be at the helm of one of your best memories! While there are many services out there claiming to offer this kind of work, experienced couples must recognize which qualities make a successful wedding videographer – akin to what a top athlete must possess to compete at an Olympic level. 

Read on as we explore why finding your dream videographer should be like picking a gymnast for the Olympics!

Comparing wedding videographers to gymnasts is an interesting analogy.

Here are a few ways in which a wedding videographer could be like a gymnast:

  1. Flexibility: A wedding videographer should be flexible and adaptable like a gymnast. They should be able to work in different environments, handle unexpected changes in the schedule, and be comfortable with last-minute adjustments.
  2. Precision: Like a gymnast, a wedding videographer should have an eye for detail and be precise in their movements. They should be able to capture all the crucial moments of the wedding day, from the first dance to cutting the cake, and do so with precision and accuracy.
  3. Creativity: A gymnast must create unique routines showcasing their skills and strengths. Similarly, a wedding videographer should be creative and able to capture the essence of the wedding day uniquely and memorably.
  4. Endurance: Gymnasts need to have a high level of endurance to perform their routines effectively. Similarly, a wedding videographer should be able to work long hours without losing focus or energy.
  5. Teamwork: In gymnastics, athletes work as part of a team and must support each other to succeed. Similarly, a wedding videographer should work well with different wedding vendors, such as photographers, wedding planners, and DJs, to ensure the day runs smoothly and the couple is happy with the result.

Everybody wants to find their perfect wedding videographer.

I see your portfolio and like their films. But don’t consider the person behind the lens because that could impact how your wedding goes.

Couples will spend the most time with their media team on their wedding day. Having someone who can get along with you, your bridal party, and your guests is as important as the films they produce.

One significant part of being a videographer is that they need to be a people person. Able to interact with people. Be able to talk to people to make their people feel comfortable when shooting. 

It would help if you had a sense of humour. To make people feel relaxed. And feel confident. They picked the right person to Film your wedding. You want to be able to walk away from your wedding day. Knowing, Not only did you have a fantastic day. But also. You had someone there who supported you and went out of their way to ensure you had—the best experience.

Visiting a company website and discovering someone’s personality will be very tough. Let us face that websites can be tedious. It will be out to tell you what the person is saying without actually understanding—that person behind the camera.

We booked Red Door Studios for our wedding videography in September 2020. Phil was such a pleasure to work with leading up to the day and was so easy to talk with. He was so prompt with communication and he never made me feel bad for asking questions – also we had so many changes due to COVID restrictions and he just went with the flow every time I sent through another change. He just made everything so easy!

Its not all about reviews

I would be looking at company reviews. But just be aware. I have found it over the years. Only one in 10 couples will leave a review, not because things are wrong, but because couples can’t be bothered. And that is just the simple truth of it.

I suggest taking reviews only as a Secondary line of research. Talk to them in person, chat over the photo or meet them before you book.’ You will find out when you meet a person whether or not they will be a good fit for your day.

A wedding day is a live event, and things can change instantly. Do you want a videographer that does everything by the book, doing everything their way? And that’s it. I think not. A videographer should be able to take control. And use ideas that just happened at the moment. You also wish for someone who won’t take over your day. And do things that they want to do, and that’s it. You want someone flexible and able to think on their feet. But remain inconspicuous. And not be overbearing.

Getting to know the videographer

Creating a wedding film As a videographer, It is a feeling. We get to know the couple. We understand what the couple want. And then we shoot the wedding. Putting that all together is an accumulation of all those things. 

It is finding a videographer. Not only does has a good style, but they are also versatile. They can do all types of films, from romantic to fun to emotional. A wedding can be completely different from the last wedding, And someone must be able to translate that into a wedding film.

The videographer and the couple also need a connection on a personal level. The videographer needs to get to know them. And not just be someone you’ve hired and standoffish on the wedding day. 

I always treat my couples like friends I’ve known for years. Its a good way to get them to relaxa And get the best out of them on the wedding day.

I dont belive this film could have been created with them feeling like i was a freind filming their wedding

What happens after the day is over?

Another critical path for any good company is the service they provide. After the wedding, the day may be fantastic; everything went well, and there were no problems. Once a company have got your money, do you know how long? It will take for you to get your films. Taxi company keep in touch. It takes nothing to email a couple to say, hey, there’s a delay. Can you film be ready, XYZ?

These little things will make a company stand out above the rest.

I always consider the implications of Post-production. Workflows. It is about more than just providing great films. If the videos are 3 or 4 months overdue, I constantly email my clients to update them to know where I’m in the editing process. It’s just good practice. 

It’s part of the service. We don’t have to take the money and run; you never hear from us again.

Realistically, the goal for any company is to get referrals from past couples. I would not be providing that excellent service. That’s not going to happen. 

In Conculsion why Wedding videographers should be like a gymnast

When capturing beautiful moments from your special day, it’s essential to have a professional videographer who can balance the artistic and logistical tasks an event of this magnitude requires. A gymnast’s ability to demonstrate perfect harmony between their body and mind is an ideal metaphor for the kind of dedicated individual you want caressing your memories throughout time. When evaluating potential wedding videographers, look for a confident artist and diligent manager who strives for perfection like a gymnast. With that combination, you will have value-driven documentation of your unforgettable affair and wrap-around support that helps keep the whole day running smoothly. A professional wedding videographer can help leave a lasting legacy of those precious memories while flawlessly capturing each meaningful moment that made the ceremony unique to you.

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