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April 15, 2017by Phil Cooper0

A Backyard wedding

Brookfield, Brisbane

Bride and Groom prep – Rose’s house

The ceremony, Reception and photoshoot Backyard Wedding Brookfield

I use the term loosely when I say backyard wedding as this is more like and social boho gathering. Rosie and Cam live in Brookfield’s and are lucky enough to have a large green at the back of their house, and this was the blank canvas for their wedding.

The day before the wedding was one of the most significant rainfalls of the year. The whole of Brisbane was underwater, and With road closures everywhere, I did not think it would be going ahead. But waking up the following day was blue sky’s a remarkable change to the previous day.

An amazing backyard wedding

The wedding was going ahead as planned. When I arrived in the morning, Cameron and his team of loyal friends had done a fantastic job clearing away water and making the area look like nothing had happened. A large Marque was erected just in case it rained with hay bales everywhere. Its bar, separate ceremony area and Frankie and Mavis and mobile caravan photo booth for entertainment. The place was alive and ready for their guests.

A backyard wedding for everyone. I didn’t know it the morning, but everyone was in for a real treat as Cameron was a bit of a poet. His vows were some of the best I’d ever heard at a wedding. Everyone was really in awe and surprised by the funny, witty, but sincerer vows he wrote himself, and of course, this was always going to be the start of their film. The day was just fun. That’s the only way I could describe this incredible backyard wedding, and I hope the highlight film was just that.

You can see the love these two have for each other and their growing little family. What a day and so happy I was the

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