Wedding Love Stories & HighlightsRosie & Cam’s Backyard wedding

April 15, 20170

A Backyard Wedding, Brookfield, Brisbane

Rosie and Cam’s backyard boho wedding was nothing short of extraordinary! On a sunny day with blue skies above, their closest family and friends gathered at their lovely home in Brookfield to celebrate the long-awaited union of these two lovebirds. There’s nothing quite like having a great day like this that they’ll never forget in the comfort of one’s backyard!

The wedding day

The day before the wedding, there was a Trenchantal downpour. The flooding was likely going to cancel the wedding. Cameron and his team had worked tirelessly to make the wedding venue look beautiful, despite a night of heavy rain. Underneath their skilful hands’ work lay a picture-perfect scene; an elegant marquee for shelter in case it rained again, hay bales that stretched as far as the eye could see, along with other unique touches such as Frankie and Mavis mobile caravan photo booth which provided hours of amusement for all guests!

Cameron and his partner had an unforgettable backyard wedding that amazed everyone. Cameron, a bit of a poet himself, wrote heartfelt vows filled with humour and wit – something not to be soon forgotten! The atmosphere was joyful as the day progressed; it truly felt like the start of their next chapter together. It is one event no one will forget anytime soon – here’s hoping for all involved that those memories were captured perfectly on film too!

A Garden Party Wedding

Garden Party wedding is about creating a lush and natural setting that feels like an enchanted garden. To achieve this look, you can incorporate lots of greenery, flowers, and rustic elements into your backyard.

Set up a small stage or altar area with a wooden arch decorated with flowers and greenery for the ceremony. You can also use potted plants and hanging floral arrangements to create a natural backdrop for the ceremony.

For seating, you can use wooden chairs or benches with cushions for comfort— a few rustic wooden tables for guests to place their drinks and small plates during the reception.

You can use string lights or lanterns to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere for the reception. Y you can also add a rustic wooden bar area for guests to get drinks and a food station for light bites and refreshments.

When it comes to decor, you can use natural elements such as wooden signs, chalkboards, and vintage lanterns to add a touch of rustic charm. Y you can also use simple floral arrangements and greenery as centrepieces and incorporate colourful linens and table runners to add colour.
Overall, a Garden Party backyard wedding is a great way to create a natural, romantic setting for your special day.

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I never expected to be shooting three sisters’ weddings over six years! It’s truly an honour that these families have put their trust in me, and it is such a privilege knowing I’ve done my job well each time. producing films for all those special moments has been so rewarding – what a fantastic journey this has been!

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