Wedding Love Stories & HighlightsMegan & Jack – Country Wedding – Toogoolawh

October 15, 20170

A Country Wedding – Toogoolawah QLD – Megan & Jack

Bride prep – Colinton QLD

Groom Prep – Jack & Megan’s Farm Toogoolawah QLD

Wedding Ceremony Photoshoot & Reception-  Jack & Megan’s Farm Toogoolawah QLD

Toogoolawah, a small town in the Brisbane Valley. It’s 75 km north-west of central Brisbane and about one third further by road. Situated towards northern part with fields upon fields as far as you can see! This Where Megan & Jack have their farm nestled among all these wheat farms that dot The landscape like jewels on velvet royalty waiting patiently for its next harvest,

The met on a night out in Toogoolawah.  There is an age gap between Megan and Jack but that has not stopped these two building and life and having their beautiful boy Ryland. This really was a fun uncomplicated wedding, just 2 awesome people getting married. The slight age different between them which was the butt of many jokes during the reception, but who cares when your in love it knows no bounds.

Megan & Jack

Iv never been to this region before so for me it was very exciting as you never know what to expert, The location was stunning and totally decked out country style by Bebe’s country styling who did a fantastic job, turning the hay shed in a reception hall. Unfortunately  for us the rain came about 20 minutes before the ceremony, so we had to delay things for 40 minutes, my first wet wedding this year! A few showers came and went but once the clouds cleared, out came the rainbow during the photo-shoot and all those through of the rain were gone.

Great food, great wine and lots of laughs during the reception. With some great friends come some great speeches and these were some of the funniest of the year. So many laugh with all the guest, I wish I could have included a lot more in the highlight film.

This was the end to a long weekend for me, but I would not have been anywhere else

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