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December 5, 2017by Phil Cooper0


Melissa & Matthew – Broadway Chapel – Riverlife Brisbane

Reception Venue – Riverlife, Brisbane

Ceremony Location – Broadway Chapel, woolloongabba

Bride Prep – Mantra on the Key, Brisbane city

Groom Prep – Broadway Chapel, Woolloongabba

Photoshoot – Kangaroo Point cliffs


The Wedding Day

A few days before the wedding it was raining. But when I woke up, it was a blue sky day and looked like it would be perfect weather, and all that rain meant it would be a steamy day. The Broadway chapel at Woolloongabba is a cute, no denominational place where everyone can get married. The groom has an area out the back of the chapel to get ready. Matthew took advantage of the back room, so for us, the photo and video people. But to start this day, I met the boys at Vic Park to hit golf balls. I played off scratch back in the day, so we had a great time not just filming but also giving a golf lesson.

I drove to the bottom of Kangaroo cliff’s parked my car, and there are got an Uber to the Mantra on Quay in the city for Melissa prep. Both Melissa and Mathew are gentle souls, noting there was too much trouble and the day just flowed with no issues.

Once Melissa was ready, I headed back to the chapel to set up for the ceremony. Most of these little places have a vantage point upstairs, so I placed a camera up there to run through the entire ceremony. The ceremony when off without a hitch. My favourite rituals are when I get new and exciting readings that I love hearing, and I know I will use them in my films. I will say you could feel the love these two have for each other. You could feel the warmth from them. I think Matthew was happy after the kiss when he did a fist pump!.

After the family photos and formalities were over, we headed to Kangaroo cliffs for the images. We got there late, so we only got the last few rays of the sun. I got my drone out, which is a first for that location, so I got great footage of the city.

River life is an excellent location for a wedding, and it’s hard to get there with no close parking. But with so many great spots to shoot from, it is worth the effect. So when I suggested to Melissa and Mathew about a walk along the boardwalk at night, they jumped at it. And the shots we got speak for themselves. Speeches are crucial for weddings as I use them a lot for my films, and it is always great to hear heartfelt speeches from friends and families. And the groomsmen put on a real show.

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