Wedding venues and filmsThe Barn & Scotty’s Garage – Candace & Nathan’s Wedding

December 8, 20170

Candace and Nathan – The Barn & Scotty’s Garage Upper Flagstone.

Hair and Make up – Peak-A-Do House Of Hair Beauty & Nails, Ipswich.

Bride and Groom Prep – Country comforts Inn, Toowoomba.

About Candace & Nathan

Candace and Nathan met in high school in 2009, where they had four of their six classes together. Candace likes to think this was fate, and Nathan thinks it was a coincidence. The two started to talk more often after they were randomly paired together for a group assignment (which had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Candace was always trying to sit near him), and not long after that, they were talking every day.

Two months later and Nathan had worked up the guts to ask Candace out; he was rather shocked when she said yes. When school finished in 2010 and Nathan revealed that he and his family were moving to Bundaberg, Candace responded with a firm ‘Well you’re not leaving me behind.’ and promptly packed up and went with them. After living with the Joneses for four years, they moved back to Ipswich and in July of 2015 finally moved out on their own.

They have shared a lot of milestones together including graduating high school, first cars, being each other’s first kiss, 18th and 21st birthdays, a car accident, a lot of days at football, moving out together, many injuries, and lots of illness. Their movie is How to Train Your Dragon since they’ve never had a song because Nathan doesn’t dance.

The Barn & Scott'y Garage, Upper Flagstone
Vintage old Caravan

Their Wedding day

For all my weddings I always visit the location for the weddings to prepare for the day. Unfortunately I was not able to get to this location. So my next best choice was Google and previous wedding. looking at Scotty’s Bar and garage, I knew there would be countless opportunities, so the only ting holding you back is your imagination.

My Idea for this wedding as there were so many great locations was to shoot Candace and Nathan in the same simple pose in every location. I think it turned out well.

The Barn & Scotty’s Garage – Rain on a wedding day

The rain came in the morning as I was driving out to the Peek-a-boo hairdresser out Toowoomba where Candace was getting ready. I love cloud cover as it’s a great way to get in a time-lapse. To create movement and the passing of time, which I love to add to my films.

This was the first time I have worked with Beth from Tidal Creation, our photographer for the day.  We hit it off from the start which was fantastic. Collaborating is so important at a t wedding as it great to bounce ideas off each other and to help if needed.

The Barn & Scott’y Garage

Both Candace and Nathan were getting ready at the country comforts Inn just outside Toowoomba. This was a nice relaxed affair with no issue and no stress. the boys were very boisterous as usual. I liked what there were wearing and the little super hero men in the jacket pockets was a nice touch.  For something different the bridesmaids had no flowers but small glass boxes with the same super hero figures, I am guessing Candace’s favourite super hero was batman!

After A short 15 minute drive to the venue, I set up under a beautiful Morton bay fig tree for the ceremony. With my usual 3 camera set up.

When couple do they own vows

I always enjoy it when couples right their own vows, there is nothing better, I love to get a peek into there lives and how they feel. I think these vows were special with humour which everyone loved.
The day was perfect, the photo shoot was amazing working with Beth made that easy. I could not have asked for a better day

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