Wedding Love Stories & HighlightsEllie & Steven Engagement Teaser Video – Lake Moogerah

December 18, 20170

Ellie & Stevens engagement teaser video – Lake Moogerah

I’ve never been to this lake before to do either a wedding or an engagement shoot before but … I’m so jealous….

On the banks of Lake Moogerah, there was lakeside house where Ellie & Steven live on a weekend. I did this shoot with my photographer friend Keira McCall. The photo opportunities and endless and when you have a couple that have a boat and want to get wet you know we are on to a winner. With beautiful surrounds it just the most amazing place to water ski, play games or just relax with a beer in your hand and watch the sun go down.. An awesome afternoon spent in the sun, I wish every location was like this!.

Lake Moogerah

The Moogerah Dam is a mass concrete double curvature arch dam with an un-gated spillway across the Reynolds Creek that is in the South-East region of Queensland, Australia. The main purposes of the dam are for irrigation of the Reynolds Creek and for supply of potable water to Warrill Creek and farmers in the Warrill Valley. The impounded reservoir is called Lake Moogerah.

Moogerah is derived from the Aboriginal word Moogerah, meaning “home of the thunderstorm

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