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December 23, 2017by Phil Cooper0


St Albert’s Uniting Church – Sage on Ann

Natalie and Mathew’s Wedding

Bride Prep – Oaks Aurora on Queen street

Groom Pre – Mantra on Edwards

Ceremony – St Albert’s Uniting Church

Reception – Sage on Ann Street

Photoshoot – Urbane Brisbane CBD walkabout

Their wedding day

The weatherman predicted for this day. Love the rain, so I did care as it adds another element to photos and video.

I worked with one of my favourite photo companies for this wedding, NAK Photography, Sam and Brent, a super talented husband and wife team. I always enjoy working alone side.

But the day started perfectly with blues skies and a few clouds. Now I always want to get there early so I can have a chat with everyone. But in this case, I got to the hotels around the wrong way as I reached Oaks Aurora first and not Mantra on Edwards!! Silly me. That’s why I never arrive late if something goes wrong, 

Mat was full of beans, dancing, singing, obviously excited about the day. Mat, his family, and his two boys involved, Indy and Caspar, were super excited; they even helped me with one of the shots. I was only there for 20 minutes when finished. Shane kindly drove me to the Oaks Aurora for bride prep.

I planned to be with Natalie for around an hour. I wanted to get to the church with plenty of time, it\s a big church with lots of ground to cover. Natalie being a spreadsheet queen, was very organised. Just a fun, relaxed time with the bridesmaid. Natalie’s two girls Summer & Tahnee.

St Albert’s Church

St Albert’s Church is a nice ample open space, so lots of room to get around and set up cameras. I love it when churches have an upper floor where I can set up the camera and leave it running for the entire ceremony. Most Church ceremonies can be unpredictable! The ceremony went off without a hitch.

Sage on Ann Street

Rain was starting to roll in when we all headed off to King George Square. There were some fun shots in the shower with the bridal party, and then it was just Natalie and Mathew for a little urban walkabout. What a fun shoot, stopping traffic getting equipment wet, getting some great footage in the process, and Nat & Matt didn’t care about getting wet.

The reception was at Sage on Ann street, on the 9th floor just behind St Albert’s uniting church, with fantastic views overlooking King George Square.

There are some tremendous heartfelt, funny speeches by everyone. My last wedding was extraordinary and memorable, so happy I could film it for Natalie and Mathew.


Merry Christmas 2017

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