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November 27, 20210

St Brigid’s Church Red Hill

Brisbane has a long history of welcoming Irish people, and even before the 1900s, Brisbane had over 400 students. In fact, due to the treatment of new Catholics in 1897, Archbishop Robert Dunn laid down some ground rules for how these new Catholics arrived from Ireland, which included physical labour and education, which is why many churches still standing; today!

The people of Cappamore were excited to build the imposing St Brigid’s church that stands today because it had been long overdue. The appointment of Fr John McCarthy in 1907 was their second Parish Priest, and he encouraged his parishioners by telling them, “you can do this!” Every person in town believed he meant what he said; they felt like building an impressive tower wasn’t out-of-reach for anyone with enough dedication or money (14000 pounds required).

St Brigid’s church now sits proudly at Red Hill as an Iconic piece of architecture that fits in the Brisbane skyline.

Amy & Dan, 6th time lucky…

Amy & Dan’s wedding at St Brigid’s Church Red Hill was unique, not because two people were getting married, but it was postponed five times due to COVID. So you can imagine just how excited they were when the day finally came around and it was time to tie the knot.

I, for one, was so happy to see it arrive, so I would finally work my magic and make a great wedding film to celebrate this long-overdue milestone in their lives. I had filmed one wedding before at St bridges Red Hill so I knew what to expect.

St Brigid’s Church Drone Videography

I had planned this teaser before the day. I don’t typically do something like this, but I wanted to make this short film extra special. so I arrived at the church around 9 am so I could fly the drone before the day stated with Daniel. as the church sits upon Red Hill with fantastic views of Brisbane city behind. perfect for drone videography

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