The Lussh

The Lussh

Stepping into the Lussh, you are drawn in by its old-world charm. The crisp white walls and dark wood floors set off Offer’s colourful array of artwork that celebrates Faro’s unique blend between tradition and modernity – from exposed bricks to 4m ceilings made up mainly of glass doors leading out onto a private garden framed with a striking cliff face on one side while lush date palms fill up all available space facing another direction.

The Lussh is a beautiful place that has seen so many different things. The building began as an exclusive men’s club for those wearing buffalo skin coats. It has seen many other uses throughout history, including being a metal nightclub from 1979-1981, with an extensive renovation restoring it into what we know today.

Wedding Ceremony – The Cliffs

When you first visit the Lussh, The garden and dramatic natural rock wall that encloses it is very dramatic. Framed through expansive glass doors from within the space as if viewed up close in person, The Cliffs are an impressive backdrop to your ceremony, with access available via paved covered terraces or navigating the laneways. It’s something you do not expect just a few km away from the city.

The Lush Reception

Shannen & Dan at The Lush


It’s one thing to film a wedding, but wedding videography is not something that everyone can fit into their budget. Shannen and Dan’s wedding was just like that until Moz, one of the girls in the bridal party, got in contact with me and said the girls in the bridal pie were going to be buying me as a gift for their wedding. Now that is an incredible gift for someone to remember their wedding day by, and here we are….Unfortunately, it was wet on their day, and the ceremony had to be held inside, which was still beautiful, and they still got to marry the love of their life!

Wedding day Highlights


Legendary Speeches


Wedding videography at the Lussh

The Lussh is a fantastic, hip, funky place with a relaxed vibe. The Cliffs’ location is an incredible backdrop for a wedding ceremony. It’s a great little space with enough room to create an excellent ceremony video. The reception area is stunning. It has charming lighting for the reception, but we would be adding possibly a light for the dancing because around that area, it is dark, and we always want to create a little bit of atmosphere in the film.

You don’t have to go anywhere if you’re looking for that urban vibe for the video shoot. There are great filming locations at the Lussh. There’s a little laneway down the side of the building and some other laneways up the road. You could walk around the Gabba and get some fantastic shots.

Going to other places for the video shoot well depends on your timeline. Kangaroo Point cliffs are just up the road, probably the closest place to take photos.

But remember travelling to places will waste time. That means you will get fewer video and photo opportunities, whereas a bit of walk around the Gabba will give you more time, and you’ll be able to enjoy it knowing that you don’t have to rush back to the lush for the reception.

Little wedding moments


Party Time


Stephanie & Barclay wedding at the Lussh

I don’t know whether it’s me or I’m just unlucky. Every wedding I’ve shot at the lush has been wet. Kim and Pete, fortunately, did get to have their ceremony outside, but it did rain towards the end. Unfortunately, Stephanie and Barclays’ wedding ceremony was inside, which is not bad; it is a beautiful place inside the Lussh. But everybody who gets married there wants to get married in the garden under the cliffs,

But it certainly didn’t dampen the spirits. I love rain on a wedding day couples maybe not so much, rain and cloudy days look fantastic in a video. It adds to the mood of the day. Everybody still gets married, whether dry or wet. As you can tell by Stephanie and Barclays’ wedding party time video, they made up for it!

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