Multicultural weddingIndian wedding Nitish & Shivani

February 10, 20180

Fijian Indian Wedding Nitish & Shivani

Location – Bridgeman Downs, Brisbane

Just a few days ago, I got the news that my second wedding of this year was going to happen! As an experienced videographer and filmmaker it’s definitely exciting for me.  as its my first Indian wedding The bride and groom had chosen Brisbane as her venue with plans on having everyone in attendance witness some part or all parts during their festivities over four long but memorable days

Fijian Indian Wedding Nitish & Shivani


Day 1 –

The Mother of the groom sets up a special place in the garden where she prays. The prayer is for Lord Ganesh and the ancestors, so there is no interference during the wedding. There is a group of ladies who will sing and chant. Then the groom’s fua (auntie –father’s sister) carries a decorated basin on her head for another ritual. The 7 ladies including the fua, lift the basin and put it on the fua’s head. The fua and other ladies go out of the garden, towards the road in same direction as the Baraat procession. (Groom is led to the marriage venue in a procession known as the Baraat)

The Mother of the groom sets up a special place in the garden where she prays

Then the 7 ladies put the basin on the ground and the fua cleans a place in the ground and digs the soil 7 times. The mother of the groom performs another prayer. The mother collects soil which is used at the next day’s prayer. Then the groom’s mum and auntie (groom’s father’s brother’s wife) sit on the ground for another ritual. They are covered with a sheet so no once can see. This is a private mater between auntie and mother.


They will exchange a rice and lentil mix. After that, sweets are given to all there as a celebration. Oil and sindur (red powder) are painted onto the married woman’s forehead. Then all the ladies perform dances. They come back home with the fua with the basin on her head. The fua keeps the basin on the head and the family members give money to the fua. When she’s happy with the money she has received, then the 7 ladies put the basin on the ground where the groom’s mum did the rituals. Then the groom comes and sits on a chair, then the fuas and cousins (sisters) rub him with the oil.

Indian wedding

Other weddings

This wedding was filmed back in 2017 since then I have filmed many other Indian weddings in a round Brisbane. Each one has it own tradition and ceremonial practises. seeing weddings that are multicultural and multigenerational is a real homer that I get to experience these amazing weddings

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