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May 3, 20230

Well, what can we say? Melissa Price – Marriage Celebrant, Event Manager, bringer of the laughs and a Labrador lover – is just the bee’s knees.

Her fun, relaxed, yet incredibly professional demeanour helps provide couples with a calm and stress-free environment. Melissa adds the appropriate dose of humour and giggles to create a unique romantic ceremony that suits all couples and their journeys.

Melissa is always thinking outside the box and considering how she can work with the vendors to create those ‘moments’ through a couple’s ceremony, especially that spectacular moment when she asks a partner to turn around to see their partner about to walk down the aisle. Her engaging and collaborative approach makes creating these moments and working with her a dream.

In her ‘real’ day job, Melissa is an Event Manager, specialising in international relations, which is evident in her cool, level-headed approach. With a background in major international sports events, Melissa loves to meet and engage with people and listen to their stories and journeys.

With Covid creating an opportunity to break from the daily corporate grind, Melissa started her own business. And she hasn’t looked back since.

Being the highly organised human she is, she arrives with checklists and notes and has an eye for the details. I have watched Melissa remove fallen leaves and branches and straighten chairs and other styling items to ensure the ceremony is aesthetically spot-on. She has folded many Groom’s pocket squares and pinned their florals. It is nothing for Melissa to brush those stray flyway’s from the Bride’s face just before those critical moments in the ceremony. Nothing is an issue for Melissa.

Melissa loves what she does.

If you are looking for a Marriage Celebrant that is engaging, will have you and your guests laughing and maybe shedding a few happy tears, and comes with ideas and suggestions on ways to create a wonderful ceremony to r kick start and set the tone for your special day, this is a Celebrant you need to connect with.

If you want to get in touch with Melissa, you can email her at melissa@mpmandco(dot)com(dot)au

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