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May 13, 20230

Top 9 Unique Wedding Ceremony Exit Send-Off Ideas

As a wedding videographer, one of the most delightful moments. I witness when the newlywed couple is showered with confetti or flower petals by their loved ones. It’s an incredibly lively, vibrant, and emotionally charged moment that exudes sheer happiness. It’s awesome! And what’s more, it often results in some of the most captivating wedding exit videos.

Interestingly, throwing confetti dates back to Medieval Italy, where people delighted in throwing things at each other. They threw “confetti” sugared almond sweets during festivals, processions, and parades. At weddings, it was used as a symbol of prosperity and fertility. Over time, everything from rice, grains, and seeds to paper confetti, shredded paper, and freeze-dried flower petals has been used. Nowadays, even compressor cannons are used to throw confetti.

I love it when the couple is showered with confetti or anything lively, colourful, and enjoyable. That’s why I strongly suggest incorporating it into your wedding in some shape or form. It’s simply too much fun to pass up! So, I’ve compiled a guide with wedding confetti ideas and tips to assist you in planning this incredible moment.

When to use these ideas

Of course, your wedding ceremony exit is the obvious one. But there are other times that you can use these ideas to enhance other moments during the day; these ideas can be discussed when you have your pre-wedding meeting with your videographer/photographer so they know these will be incorporated on the day.

  • Outside the church or chapel
  • During the large group shot after the ceremony
  • During the photoshoot, with the help of the bridal party
  • During the first dance
  • Reception entrance
  • Reception exit

How much should you use?

Believe it or not, there’s no such thing as using too much. Trust me on this and go ahead and sprinkle it liberally. Feel free to make a big impact and create a memorable moment. While one handful per guest might look nice, two handfuls will make it downright awesome. So go ahead and don’t hold back.

Where will it be added to the wedding video?

The wedding walkout can be shown, at the end of the film, the middle of the film, and sometimes at the beginning. It just depends on the impact it makes. He also needs to go with the music as well. A crescendo or the end of a fantastic piece within the film. My films are not linear. So it can be placed anywhere to match the mood and feel of the day.

Rice Toss

As wedding traditions go, few are as iconic as the rice toss. In comparison, it may seem like a simple gesture; tossing rice on newlyweds dates back to Ancient Rome, where the practice was believed to bring fertility and good fortune to the bride and groom. Today, many modern couples have adapted the tradition to suit their style, but the sentiment remains the same: a wish for prosperity and happiness in the newlyweds’ future.

If you’re planning a wedding and considering a rice toss, there are a few things to remember. First and foremost, check with your venue to ensure that rice is allowed. Some venues prohibit the use of rice due to concerns about its impact on local wildlife or potential slip hazards.

How to make this work for your Photos and Video

For the rice to be seen, you need a dark background, so if you are getting married in an open field with the sky behind, you will not get the impact.

Flower Petals

A petal toss can be a romantic and fragrant wedding ceremony exit if you love flowers. You can use fresh or dried petals in your favourite colours and arrange for your guests to toss them as you walk by. The petals will create a beautiful carpet on the ground and add a touch of whimsy to your wedding day.
Petal tosses are perfect for outdoor, garden, or rustic weddings. You can use petals from your favourite flowers, such as roses, peonies, or lavender, and fill baskets or cones for your guests to grab. You can also include a note or poem with your petal toss, inviting your guests to shower you with love and blessings. Remember to assign someone to clean up the petals after the exit!

How to make this work for your Photos and Video

This is a great all-round option. The large petals will be easily seen, but you need many of them to make it work.


Rice Paper Confetti

Are you looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly way to make your wedding exit unforgettable? Look no further than biodegradable rice paper confetti! This is the perfect option for environmentally-conscious couples who want to make a real impact on their big day. It is eco-friendly, and the confetti can add a special touch to your exit. When thrown in the air, it creates a beautiful moment that will be remembered forever. And if you choose the reflective type, the confetti will even bounce the sun and light, adding a touch of sparkle to your special moment.

How to make this work for your Photos and Video

A word of warning. Even though these are biodegradable, if you get a lot in your mouth, you can choke, so in your happy moment, walking down the aisle could be ruined.

Ribbon Wand Exit

For a playful and colourful wedding exit, consider ribbon wands. You can buy or make ribbon wands in your wedding colours and hand them to your guests before the exit. Then, when you and your partner walk by, your guests can wave the ribbon wands in the air, creating a joyful and festive atmosphere for your wedding ceremony exit.

Ribbon wands are easy to make and add colour to your wedding exit. You can use ribbons in different textures and patterns, such as satin, organza, or lace, and tie them to wooden or plastic sticks. You can also personalize your ribbon wands with your names or wedding date. Ribbon wands are perfect for outdoor or garden weddings, as they can sway in the breeze and create a magical effect.

How to make this work for your Photos and Video

This is a good option if the venue does not allow anything to be thrown onto the floor.

Confetti Cannon Blast

Consider confetti cannons to make a dramatic and exciting wedding exit. You can rent or buy confetti cannons and arrange for them to be set off as you and your partner exit. The confetti will create a stunning shower of colour and sparkle, making for unforgettable wedding photos.
Confetti cannons are perfect for couples who want to make a bold statement with their wedding ceremony exit. They are easy to use and can create a dramatic effect with just one blast. You can choose confetti in your wedding colours or mix and match different colours for a fun and festive look. Confetti cannons are best suited for outdoor weddings or venues that allow for cleanup afterwards.

How to make this work for your Photos and Video

A good option can be set off from a distance, but make people know how to use them.


Bubble Exit

For a whimsical and dreamy wedding exit, consider bubbles. You can buy bubble wands or machines and create a magical bubble-filled atmosphere. Your guests can blow bubbles as you and your partner pass, creating a romantic and nostalgic vibe for your wedding ceremony exit.
Bubbles are a simple yet beautiful way to add charm and grace to your wedding exit. They are also easy to use and can be purchased in bulk. You can personalize your bubble wands or machines with your names or wedding date or even include a fun quote or message. Bubbles are perfect for outdoor or garden weddings, as they can float in the air and create a fairytale effect.

How to make this work for your Photos and Video

Bubbles are great, but you need a lot; again, on bright sunny days, you won’t be able to see them; you can buy bubble guns for your real impact.

Balloon Release

For a festive and colourful wedding exit, consider a balloon release. You can buy biodegradable balloons in your wedding colours and arrange to release them as you and your partner exit. The balloons will create a stunning visual display and add a playful touch to your wedding ceremony exit
Balloon releases are a creative and eco-friendly way to celebrate your wedding exit. They are perfect for outdoor weddings or venues with high ceilings. You can also add a personal touch to your balloons by attaching notes or wishes from your guests. Balloon releases can create a sense of joy and freedom and make for amazing photos and memories.

How to make this work for your Photos and Video

look very pretty and another good option if venues won’t allow anything on the floor, but just be mindful of the environment

Streamer Curtain

For a unique and eye-catching wedding exit, consider a streamer curtain. You can hang streamers in your wedding colours from a frame or arch and walk through them as you exit. The streamers will create a colourful and playful effect, and your guests can take pictures under the curtain.

Streamer curtains are a fun and whimsical way to add colour and texture to your wedding ceremony exit. They are easy to set up and create a dynamic and interactive atmosphere. You can choose streamers in different materials and widths, such as tissue paper, crepe paper, or metallic foil. You can also mix and match colours or create an ombre effect. Streamer curtains are perfect for indoor or outdoor weddings, as they can be hung from any structure or frame.

How to make this work for your Photos and Video

so streamers can make a big impression, but I’ve seen couples unable to walk out because they are wrapped up in the streamer


Flag Parade

For a patriotic and festive wedding exit, consider a flag parade. You can buy or make small flags with your country’s or your favourite sports team’s colours and hand them to your guests before the exit. Then, when you and your partner walk by, your guests can wave the flags and create a lively and spirited atmosphere.
Flag parades are a fun and unique way to show your pride and personality on your wedding day. They are versatile and can be customized to fit any theme or style. You can choose flags in different sizes and shapes or add ribbons or tassels for extra flair. Flag parades are perfect for outdoor or sports-themed weddings, creating excitement and camaraderie.

How to make this work for your Photos and Video

Flags are a great idea if you are having a cultural wedding, then you can represent both nationalities.

Have fun with your wedding ceremony exit

Let your imagination run wild! From colourful paper confetti to biodegradable flower petals, there are endless options. You can even customize your confetti with your initials or favourite quotes. And don’t forget to capture the moment on camera – it’ll be a photo worth framing!

So go ahead, sprinkle some confetti and let the good times roll. Your wedding day is all about celebrating love, and what better way to do it than with a little bit of confetti fun? We hope these tips inspire you to add sparkle to your special day. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness and joy!

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