Braeside Estate

Braeside Chapel wedding

Nestled beyond a white picket fence on Gooding Drive, lies a quaint and charming chapel concealed on the Gold Coast. Braeside Chapel is idyllic for intimate receptions and can accommodate up to 90 guests, making it relatively small. Its immaculate white ceilings are high and majestic, with air conditioning and a top-quality PA system. The chapel possesses a timeless allure that never fades, which makes it an ideal place for ceremonies.

Braeside Chapel’s beautiful grounds stretch across two acres, and it provides a picturesque setting for wedding videography. On the other side of the road, an incredible sunset can be observed in the vast, swaying grasslands. The location is playful too, with The Lawn Bar allowing guests to interact and relish pre-dinner beverages. The guests can even play lawn games while they gather around fire braziers during winter.

Moreover, the Shed Bar is an engaging mix of countryside elegance and metropolitan style. A fun place for guests to unwind and enjoy drinks before proceeding to the marquee reception area. The marquee itself is a marvel to witness, with drapes of pristine white walls adorned with fairy lights and chandeliers. The area boasts tiled flooring, air conditioning, and a fully-equipped bar area. It is more than just a mere tent. For those who desire a smaller, graceful wedding ceremony, Braeside Chapel is worth exploring.

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Braeside Estate for wedding videographer

Choosing a venue for your wedding is a big decision; Braeside Estate is an excellent choice if you are after and all one venue. When you arrive, you don’t have to leave.

The estate offers a captivating and idyllic backdrop for videographers and photographers to capture your day. I have filmed weddings. At Braeside now. And it has changed over the years for the better. The ceremony area is beautiful, especially with the addition of the doors. It makes for a grand entrance, an excellent opportunity to capture great footage.

Having the river running through the estate also allows videographers to try the drone. Get some good reflections and movement. Of course, if you want to run across the road and get some sunset video clips in that long grass. Of course, be careful of the traffic.

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Anni & Carl

Phil went above and beyond on the day of our wedding last week. He was there from start to finish and was super easy to work with. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone wanting/needing a Gold Coast videographer for the special day. The teaser trailer is great – now just waiting for the other videos to come through!